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Aced - Brooke Blaine, Ella Frank

Even better on the reread. Lord these two. ❤❤❤



Original Review:


**4.5 Stars**

Good heavens...I think Ella and Brooke took eye-f'ing to a whole new level here. Phew...I am seriously in need of a shower.

For me, this was all kinds of yummy. There is no doubt that we have that certain "daydream" about that one person that we could never have...and while the card may not be laminated like Ross's...

...if the opportunity ever presented itself, the thought that the "daydream" could become reality is quite fun to think about...*stops to ponder who might be #1 on my card...can you guess?*

Now imagine you run into that person and not only are you both available but that other person has had you in that #1 slot too. What happens then...

Yep...shit gets explosive. My heavens. Brooke and Ella have worked these boys into one hell of a sexual relationship with amazing sexual tension, innuendo and charm leaving you breathless for this quite remarkable couple. These boys find home in each other and the awww moments are quite lovely.

“You said when we get home tonight. Whose home did you mean?”
I caught his eyes with mine and then said with the utmost sincerity, “Anywhere you are.”

Now sexually...dreams are certainly fullfilled here and honestly where this goes, I was not expecting AT ALL. WOW! But what a ride it was. Now... this one does end in quite a cliffhanger which was not expected and could drive some readers to the brink but alas the wait hopefully is not long with the continuation coming in August.

Overall, I felt this writing team did an amazing job and while I have not read the previous books by Brooke Blaine, I am eager to check it out, if for no other reason than to get a peek at the lovely Ace, pre Dylan.

Now...of course, the lovely Ella deserves bonus points for the small interaction with our dear Mr. Mitchell...I mean come on...

It was a tease (as we only got one page)...but I will take what I can get. In addition, we get a glimpse and some quite charming interactions with Derek and Jordan and I can only hope we get more of them and others in this series soon, not to mention I am holding out for Russ to get his own book...he was all kinds of adorable.

The only reason for 4.5 instead of 5 stars...well, clearly I need the rest of the story. The ending was quite abrupt and the hints of what could come next left me a bit shattered...so who knows...after reading more this one could quite possibly get bumped to 5 stars and onto my Best of 2016 list. Only time (and hopefully this means weeks) will tell.

*Highly Recommended but bring along a fire extinguisher...because these boys are HOT!*

Amazing BR with my girls, Elsbeth and Momo