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Him - Elle Kennedy, Sarina Bowen That was really great!!!! Review to come!!

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My weakness is him.

Let's just call this book pie and then this gif applies. ;) Momo honey this has your name written all over it!

Well...Disgust is in this book too...what is it with authors putting MF in my MM books? Woman...get the fuck out of my book!!

“It’d be weird even if I was describing a chick. Like, what two guys stand around describing their perfect sexual partner?” I widen my eyes and look around. “Did we wander onto the set of Sex and the City? If so, I’m Samantha. Called it.”
The tension diffuses instantly, as Canning’s lips twitch uncontrollably. “You know actual character names from Sex and the City? Shit, if you hadn’t told me you were gay, I would’ve figured it out just now.”
“That was an extremely insensitive case of stereotyping, Jamie,” I say primly. “Just for that? You’re springing for lunch. Asshole.” But I’m grinning to myself as I flip him the bird and stride into the bar.

“I really need to jerk. You mind?”

“I…” He clears his throat. “I’d let you do it, though.”
My hand freezes in his hair. “You would?”
Wes nods. “I’d let you do anything to me, Canning.”

I can’t help it—even the sound of her name on his lips tenses me up. The first and only time I met the girl, she had sex-tousled hair and a dreamy smile on her face. It bothers me that Jamie was responsible for both of those things.
Damn straight Wes...it bothers me too!!!

Oh Wes...I love you.

“Coach Canning and Coach Wesley are having a shootout!”
Well, then. I guess it’s time for a shootout.
Wes winks at me and says, “Same stakes?”
"Damn straight.”
*wiggles eyebrows* ❤️❤️

I look up and find him in the mob, and it’s like the sun just came out. It’s only been an hour since I saw him last, but he has the same damn effect on me every time.