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Stealing the Wind (Mermen of Ea #1)

Stealing the Wind (Mermen of Ea #1) - Shira Anthony 4.5 Stars

What a unbelievable surprise this was!!! *sigh*

Totally captivating. This kinda has it all...adventure, magic, torture, fantasy, love, sexiness, heartbreak, mystery...yep...it has it all...and all beautifully written.

I cannot wait to continue this and see these two souls continue their journey together.

A fantastic BR with Marco, Marte, Nathan and Elsbeth.

Status Updates:

“A slave is free to choose in whom to place his trust, even if his body belongs to his master. A good man will not mistreat a slave or sell him to pay for his own stupidity.”
Loving this already.

From the moment he’d seen Taren, he’d wanted to possess him and make him his own. Tame him to his hand, even feed him like a pet just to relish that feeling of control.


“Nothing has changed in the end,” she said as if she hadn’t heard him. “He seeks to avoid that which is destined, and you are determined to run.”

“Did you really think I could let you go?”
I love this...notice the word "could" instead of "would". <3

Ahhhhh...so that's how that works. :D


‘He will discover the love that has waited for him here.’

"Beloved. I will be with you. Always."