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Corkscrewed - M.J. O'Shea 4.5 Stars

Loved this and found myself thinking of Murder on the Mountain by Jamie Fessenden quite a few times. These two CON men stole my heart and add to that a setting in a winery, some fantastic smexiness and a mystery to boot and I was highly entertained.


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Well no idea what this is about but I'm intrigued already.

Wine buff or not, the place was fantastic. It had been built around the arched foundations of the house above. The floor was smooth stone, the stones in the arches worn with time and covered in places with a thin layer of aging stucco. Somebody must’ve spent a fortune on the wine racks. They were custom-built and nestled against the walls between low-burning light fixtures. In the middle of the room was a big old banquet table, polished to a high shine and surrounded by low stools.
Yes, I'm aroused.

Cary made a frustrated growling noise and lunged for Isaac. Isaac thought he might be about to get a punch in the face but instead he had Cary, pinning him against the wall with an angry kiss.

He already spent way too much time thinking about Isaac, and his kiss, and his taste, and the way he wrapped himself around Cary in bed at night when they were sleeping, the way he moaned Cary’s name and laughed, and snuffled a little in his sleep. The way he still trusted Cary implicitly, even if he’d tried to protest that he didn’t. Even after he’d realized everything he thought Cary was had been wrong. Isaac was good. He deserved this.
Love Cary.