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Mask - Teodora Kostova 4.5 Stars
Love these two so hard.  Still my favorite Teo couple!! <3


First off...Momo submitted her list of "sexy must haves in a book" to Teo and didn't even know it!!!  Oh we were checking off her wish list right and left!! <3

Really enjoyed these two...and honestly it's hard to decide which one I like better, so...

...applies to both Adam and Penn. <3<3<3

Overall, the level of angst was much better than in Dance and I didn't feel as stressed about the relationship as much as I did with Jared and Fenix. 

Loved the continued theater aspects, the costuming...eeehhhmmm the nighties, Riley, the wedding, etc.  All of it was beautifully developed.  Charlie can go choke on a bone...the asshat.  

While I am very excited for Sonnie and Riley's story...I need some sweet loving first as Teo says that one is terribly angsty...and that coming from her...lord I might need to be medicated.


Status Updates:

Gaaaahhhhh...how could anyone not love Adam??

"How you survive without sex is beyond me, and what’s more, how you survive without even needing someone to share your life with is outrageous! If you think you can be happy on your own, for the rest of your life, you’re very much mistaken. So pull that stick out of your ass and replace it with a guy’s dick, for God’s sake!”

Those words hurt so much more than the sore jaw and split lip. Those words meant Adam was losing his best friend.
That's a hard scene to relive.

Momo and I are in sexy fetish heaven. <3<br/>
Seeing Jared and Fenix together, seeing, as if for the first time, how well they fit against each other, how their movements seemed to flow from one to the other, Adam realised how wrong he’d been. He still couldn’t forgive Fenix for leaving, but watching Jared’s face as he smiled at his partner, his eyes sparkling with affection, made Adam believe in soul mates.

"Hey...I see you. Alright? You. You," he repeated in a whisper, closing his eyes against the moisture that suddenly appeared there.

Excuse me while I scrape my jaw off the floor.

“This is what I want, baby,” Penn said quietly, tugging on Adam's hand until they were face to face. “This,” he gestured toward the photos, his sad grey eyes filling with tears.
I'm such a sap. Gaaahhh...crying AGAIN!

Status Update (Read #2):
I've been wanting some Adam and Penn for quite some time. :)

He could not remember a time in his life when he’d been truly at peace, truly happy and content. There was always something dark shadowing the edges of his emotions, something disconcerting.
Love for Adam. ❤️

“Why are you doing this?”
"I have nothing better to do tonight, and your other option for help is probably getting fucked as we speak. So stop asking so many questions.”
Penn smiled –a genuine, broad smile that managed to find its way into Adam's heart and undo one of the ever-present, tight knots.
"You think Connor is a bottom?” Penn asked and Adam couldn't help but laugh out loud.
Laugh out loud indeed. ❤️❤️❤️

Damn. I had forgotten how hot that scene is.

The sight of his red finger prints on Penn’s creamy skin woke something animalistic inside Adam. He wanted to mark him everywhere. He wanted his stamp on that perfect skin so that anyone else who touched him saw them and knew Adam had put them there.

I want the video.

“Just... Please,” Jared continued, ignoring Adam's comment. “I need your help. I’ll do anything, just call Charlie and make this happen.”
And this earns Jared a smack upside the head.