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Cherry Kisses: Fenix and Jared's First Valentine's Day

Cherry Kisses: Fenix and Jared's First Valentine's Day - Teodora Kostova
“I should have never told you about my Magic Mike fantasy,” he added.
Jared’s body started shaking, his face buried in the crook of Fenix’s neck. He was laughing.
“Nope. You definitely shouldn't have.”

This is a cute and sexy Valentine's Day shortie with scenes very much fitting this couple.  And the "Magic Mike" inspiration...yeah I think our dear author has that same fantasy. :)

Overall, I am a bigger fan of Adam and Penn but I will take anything I can get from this West End series!  *keeps fingers crossed for more*

Note: While recently written this is a "deleted scene" from "Dance", the first book in the West End Series.  

ARC BR with Nathan  <3