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Texas Pride

Texas Pride - Kindle Alexander Gaaaahhh…this was just downright sweet and hit me on every emotion…so yeah bear with me here.

We got it all.

Let me first start with Fear. While it played a huge part in the overall theme of the book, its impact was very minimal.  The fear here was of discovery.  In this farming community in Texas, poor Kitt fears others knowing that he is in fact gay.  Fears losing his farm and everything he has tried to build. And fears that he could be so easily destroyed for being himself.

And perhaps this comes from dear old dad.  Enter Anger...

For Fucks Sake…this asshole needed to be strung up in the middle of town for what he subjected his son to growing up.  Yes his story is an interesting one and we get more from him…but I was PISSED!!  This was child abuse.  And while we get glimpses of how this affected Kitt, as he grew into a man, we honestly could have used more of this.  And how Austin changed him so completely.

Now comes Sadness...and yes sweet Kitt was such a sad, lonely man.  And, as we learn later in the book, he could have so easily followed the paths of others before him.  Lost and living a life absent of love…oh Kitt...

So Disgust…lord yes…she was there too…and her freakin’ lady parts.  We get pulled off the POV’s of our dear cowboys a few times which honestly was totally unnecessary.  But to then pull off into lady parts…

Yeah…that was not needed AT ALL.  Get out of my book…woman!!

I realize I have spoken very little of our dear Austin. And while Austin has his own troubles, he was undoubtedly Joy.  Everything about him was beautiful and loving and his love for Kitt was breathtaking. 

For me, the love and relationship between these two men deserves 5 stars.  It’s hot, emotional and truly captivating.  The other parts…well they drug me down a bit.  I wished honestly for a few scenes as well that I felt could have brought more closure to some side relationships as well.  Overall though, just a really enjoyable read and definitely one I will revisit in the future.

A great BR with Momo, Elsbeth and Nathan <3  I'm happy to visit these hot cowboys anytime.