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Mark Cooper versus America

Mark Cooper versus America - Lisa Henry, J.A. Rock Well...so yeah my theme song for this book is Madonna's Like a Virgin...because I totally felt like one.

Sweet lord.  There was a huge mm cherry popping happening in this book for me.

Aside from this educational experience...which was handled surprisingly well...I absolutely loved the trust and relationship that developed between Mark and Deacon. And the kink factor here totally worked for me.
The Greek/Fraternity aspect though wore me out and Bengal could possibly be one of the biggest assholes on the planet. 
The end was abrupt...I wanted more...but thankfully this couple has a huge presence in the second book and I grew to love them even more.
Definitely worth it!  Thanks Momo for joining me!

Status Updates:

Yes...my first new book in a week...reread for Momo...let's do this!

He dug his phone out and checked his messages. There was one from a new number. Mark.
BTW, I also bottom.
Oh. My. God. That is some first text. ;)

Hey, look at me. I’m wearing a French maid’s outfit because this bunch of misogynistic homophobes thinks that the most humiliating thing you can do to a guy is put him in a skirt and call him a woman. And instead of telling them to fuck off, that if I wanted to wear drag, I’d do it fucking proudly, I’m letting them win.
Bright side? He didn't have to wear a polo.

Guess we'll just have to have phone sex

Yeah Bengal...meet my favorite gif for fuckheads like you...

"Is she hot?..."
“He is incredibly hot,” Mark said. “Great pecs, gorgeous face, lovely round arse. Hung like Prescott’s stallion. I like him quite a lot.”

“Sorry. Prom is my favorite American thing I learned about from movies. That, and your hills are infested with rednecks who like to kill kids with axes.” He bit his lip. “Oh, and that all supervillains, and most Nazis, speak with British accents. And all your telephone numbers start with 555.”
Love this!

“Holy fuck,” Deacon whispered, nodding at the ensemble in Mark’s arms. “You’re gonna look so hot in that. Mark, I… Seriously, thank you.”

On the way home, Mark told Deacon he never wanted to go on a double date again, unless the definition of “double date” was Mark getting to go out with both Deacon and the hot guy from Tau Kappa Mark shared an intro-to-bio class with, and subsequently they had their first fight—because who knew sweet, stoic Deacon had a jealous streak?
Now Mark...don't fuck this up with stupidity.

For once Mark wasn’t homesick for a place; he was homesick for a person.

“I don’t think I’m making sense.”
“I think you are,” Mark said and tugged his head down for a kiss.
And there it was. That moment Deacon had been secretly dreaming of since high school. Kissing a boy in the middle of a dance, in a room full of mostly straight people who never needed to worry about making a scene. Deacon didn’t care if anyone was watching. Deacon wasn’t doing this because he was out and proud and didn’t care who knew it. He was doing this because it was Mark, and he loved him.