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Devil's Kiss - Ella Frank Follows Teri's direction and rolls around naked with this one too!!  Review to come!!

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THE PEOPLE WHO stand out as special in your life are usually put in your path for a reason.

When they were side by side, a comfortable silence settled between them, and he marveled at the peace he felt with Finn. He’d often wondered why they didn’t work on a level beyond friends. But he knew deep down this was why. They were like brothers. It might not have been by blood, but it sure as fuck was through choice. He would do anything for Finn and he knew that feeling was mutual. They had each other’s backs, and he knew no matter what happened or where they ended up, they always would.

“Have a nice life, you miserable fucker. I’d rather live on the street than ever give you a goddamn cent.”

Jordan leaned across the table, and Derek’s cock throbbed when he narrowed his eyes on him. “Trying to shock me? It won’t work. How about you stick to the real reason you called me. Not the fact that you can’t stop thinking about how much you want me to teach you a really solid lesson on—”
"My knees?” Derek offered, and watched Jordan’s lips curl into a grin.
“I’m not going to bite, Derek.”
Derek flashed his teeth in a wicked grin. “Can I?”

“I’m Dylan Prescott."
I do believe we've met an MC for book 3!!

He could hear the blood rushing around his head, and when his eyes met Derek’s, Jordan knew he’d grossly miscalculated this moment. This was so much more than acting on something they’d been tiptoeing around for years.
This… this was everything...

Derek took Jordan’s chin in his hand, effectively stopping his words, then he brushed their lips together and whispered, “Don’t lie to me. You have never lied to me. Not even when it fucking hurt.”

The scene I've been waiting for!!

“I believe in you. I always have.”

“It makes me ridiculously happy. Now put some clothes on. For God’s sake, Jordan, anyone would think you spent the last couple of hours having hot sex.”


In amongst all of the chaos and all of the ugly, Jordan was, as always, there for him. His rock. His everything.