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A Better Man

A Better Man - Jaime Reese

This was not bad really. I honestly loved the premise and these two guys were quite wonderful. But the mother storyline, the time jumps that left you losing a large part of their relationship growth and the "I love you...I love you more" statements docked this down from a 4 to a 3. Eh...fine but held more potential for sure. 

Very excited for Cameron's story and I'm hopeful the series will improve over time. 

BR with Momo

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He wasn't sure what made him more nervous, the sexiest man he had ever seen in his lifetime moving in with him for the next year, or the loss of control he felt over the situation.
So far so good.

Somewhere inside this beautiful old place was the man who, every single second of every single day since his arrival, made Matt feel as if he was a good person. He may not be able to share all his secrets with Julian, but he needed that feeling to make it through each day.

If this doesn't happen soon to this mother, stars are being deducted. FFS.

It had been a rough few hours for the both of them and they obviously hadn't come out of it unscathed, but they did come out of it together, and that was what mattered most. Julian loved this man who held him so tightly and everything about him—the way he felt, the way he kissed, the way he made him feel wanted, the way his heartbeat seemed to calm the longer he held him. He hoped that he was Matt's anchor as much as Matt had become his.