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Last First Kiss

Last First Kiss - Diane  Adams 4.5 Stars

Who knew this book would be this wonderful??  I am still in a state of shock honestly.

First off…the cover absolutely FAILS to capture this book…so thank goddess for Marco’s OCD color cover love for bringing this one to us, otherwise this is likely one I just would never have picked up.  For me, neither of these men are depicted properly.  Neither are even really all that attractive to me.  But the men in this book are utterly swoonworthy…

…and breathtakingly beautiful on the inside and out.  Aside from that, the cover is missing two key characters in this book…Gage’s sons.  This book is truly about the 4 of them and is done so well that all I want to do is scoop these kids up and place them in every book I own.  From the laundry party to sweet moments like this…

Nash pulled back to meet Trent’s eyes, and he held Trent’s face between his hands and stared at him. Trent felt like his scrutiny would flay him to the bones, but he didn’t pull away.

Nash’s eyes narrowed. “Don’t leave us any more, Buddy,” he warned. “Daddy was sad, everybody was sad. So don’t do it again.”

Gaaaaaah…I am a mess over this.

This book, while told mainly from one POV, gives glimpses into the heart of our second MC through blog posts.  While short, they capture this character amazingly well. 

Literally I am speechless over this book.

Now what is next?  I am going to stalk this author for one.  I need more!!!!  Whether this be more from this couple…which is totally acceptable…or a book with Dr. Jax.  Another swoonworthy character screaming for a lovely romance all his own.

*Highly Recommended*

Status Updates:

“I’m with you. We’re a couple, but club sex doesn’t count. You know that.”
Dennis...my 2 pages with you was quite enough, now...

"Happy trumps money."-Gage

The young father drew to a stop at the edge of the yard before his boys spotted him. He watched them play for a few minutes before looking up to meet Trent’s gaze. His face looked as it had when he’d discovered Nash helping Trent make breakfast. The second glimpse of such naked vulnerability mixed with longing constricted Trent’s breathing. For the length of a few heartbeats, Trent saw the scene through Gage’s eyes and understood what it would mean for him to share his life and his children with someone. That brief moment of clarity wrenched Trent’s heart and scared the hell out of him.
Swooning all over. ❤️❤️❤️

“Dreams change. Girls get pregnant. High school isn’t finished. College is too expensive. Babies are born. A guy gives you a ride in the rain. It’s life, Trent. It happens.”

There's a special place in "the black" (to use a phase from Into This River I Drown) for this bitch Cara. FFS

Sitting in silence with Gage warm against his side, the contentment Trent felt surprised him. Despite the sexual tension between them, somehow in that moment, sitting in the dark with Gage holding his hand felt perfect.


“You couldn’t have started with that?”
Repeat quote but I don't care. This is PERFECT!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

“I’m surprised you remember.” His voice tight with emotion, Trent reached for his tea and took a long drink, trying to calm his nerves.
When he set the glass down, Gage looked up to meet his eyes. “I remember everything you say.”
Whatever Trent had been about to say locked up in his throat at the love in Gage’s eyes.