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Guys on Top - Darien Cox 3.5 Stars

Yep...intriguing for sure.  I first fell in love with Darien Cox's "Victim of Love" and immediately went in search for other edgy stories to consume.  And edgy I got.  Well...maybe not so much edgy but definitely eye raising.  

This book involves one of our MC's being in an Open Relationship.

A first for me.  And while I was kind of taken back, our MC was just so sweet and adorable that I just had to see where this would go.  Now granted his "boyfriend" is a crazy asshole...so that helped me be OK with this.  I guess OK is the right word?  I just wanted our MCs together and ole asshole to GO AWAY!!  

The first 70% of this book I really enjoyed...but how this ended up was a little too rosey cheeked for me. I needed a little more angst, a little more drama, a fight...something.  Things just fell in place just too easy for me.

So what's next...well the asshole has his own book.  Will I read it...but of course. :)

The was a good read and I got to push some personal limits for myself related to an open relationship (which I am more convinced than ever can never truly work) and at what point lines of cheating are crossed.  This may not be for everyone but I was intrigued from the start.

BR with Elsbeth (Momo started but this one wasn't for her)


Thank you Els for the gift and the BR.  :)  And bonus love for the Cover!