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Dance - Teodora Kostova Unlike my previous reads, this was really this first time I have read a book in which I knew the author first.  That is a scary thing to embark on…I mean what if I hate it?? But curiosity killed this cat…so I started.

To everyone who, like me, believes in love at first sight

So this is the book’s dedication…and yes it is most definitely a love at first sight story that grabbed me in the first 5%.  Not to mention that I was totally captivated by the writing style immediately.  An amazing connection developed quickly between Fenix and Jared that for me never felt forced.  It never felt contrived.  It just was.  These are soul mates destined to be together.  And what a love they have.

Set in the West End Theatre District of London, this story hit me just right. A theatre lover I was in heaven.  But with two strong males both with dreams and desires for their future, things were bound to get complicated, and complicated they got.  And I figured it would.  Things were going too well for our sweet boys and I knew the other shoe would drop soon. I guess I just didn’t expect to be drowning in my feelings…totally conflicted by what was happening.  

Could things have been different? Yes.  Do they know this? Yes. Do they belong together? Well…from the books dedication and the first 50% of this book, there is absolutely no question that they only belong to the other.  But dammit woman…this was painful.  If I had not felt so strongly about the love that was developed between these two characters then I would not have given a shit about what took place.  But I did. I fell hard for these characters, felt their pain, and desperately wanted their HEA.  It was well deserved and beautiful but exhausting as well.  I am still emotional as I write this, so I need to stop here.

While this was technically not a BR, I did feel like I BR’d this one with my friend and author, Teo.  Thanks for holding my hand and allowing me to have my painful come apart to you.  *hugs* 

Now onto Adam’s story. I loved this character and eagerly await more on him.

Status Updates:

Yep...I'm going in. ❤️❤️

Good lord...easily in my top 3 club scenes. Phew.

They held each other, trembling in the middle of Jared’s home, panting. Fenix brought his hand to Jared’s chest, right over his heart, and he could feel how fast it was beating. He turned slightly and placed soft kisses on Jared’s neck, gently pushing his fingers through Jared’s wild hair. They stayed like this until both their hearts resumed the normal human heart rate, but even then neither of them moved.

What goes on in our heads is not something we can predict or explain, it just is what it is.

Oh Adam...
So glad I get your story next.

“‘ How can I call the lone night good, though thy sweet wishes wing its flight? Be it not said, thought, understood –then it will be –good night,’ Jared quoted Shelley quietly, still clutching to Fenix. He felt Fenix nod, but he was silent. Jared was afraid to pull back and look into his eyes. “I never want to say goodnight to you over the phone ever again, Fen. I don't think spending some nights apart is good. I want you in my bed every night,” he said, finally leaning back to meet Fenix’s eyes. They were shiny with unshed tears, making the pale blue appear almost translucent.

Fenix’s skin was wet from the light rain and flushed as he spoke passionately. Jared could not resist taking the small distance between them and kissing him.
He tasted of rain and love.
Jared took his time, kissing Fenix until he felt the anger and frustration leaking out of him. He separated their lips, but didn't pull back, resting their foreheads together.

Sweet Jared.

Fenix’s sobs shook his body. Those shards pierced his soul for what seemed like ages before his body gave out and he fell into an exhausted, miserable sleep.
Killing me. Killing me.

“I love it when you go all Gordon Ramsey on me,” Fenix murmured against Jared’s mouth. “It’s hot. Makes me wanna mess up all your ingredients.”