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The Magpie Lord - K.J. Charles Not sure what to say about this one...so I'll just stick with the theme of the day. This was just...


tasty. Can't wait for more. Magic fingers, sorcery, intrigue, british lovelies, what's not to get excited about?

Status Updates:

“I know you, Lucien Vaudrey. I seen you look death in the face plenty of times, and every time you either ran like hell or you kicked him in the balls, so don’t you tell me you want to die."

"Champagne! Hands like champagne! Do you know, Day, there’s a house in Shanghai where they import champagne and what they do, they pour it over your—”

“Oh, there you are, your lordship,” he said. “I trust you had a pleasant time in the garden. Dear me, Mr. Day, your lower garments are quite wet. Perhaps you should spend less time on your knees.”

“When I fuck you, Mr. Day, it will not be briefly. It will be long and hard and extremely thorough. I’m going to take pains with you.”

"Vicar, I’ve let it be known that I don’t propose to run my affairs with threats, intimidation or the abuse of power. That, in fact, I’m not like my brother or my father. I hope this has reached your ears.”
"Yes, it has, my lord.”
Crane smiled and leaned closer. “The thing is,” he murmured, “between us…I’m quite like them.”

"A few days a very long way from here, you show me what those hands can do, and I’ll show you how we do things in Shanghai.”
Stephen swallowed. “How is that?”
“Slowly,” Crane said. “It’s hot there. Very slowly, very thoroughly, inch by inch. You’ll need a great deal of patience, or you might find yourself begging. I think you will, in fact. I’d like to hear you beg.”
“Make me."

"Is this going to happen every time we..."