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Through These Eyes

Through These Eyes  - N.R. Walker 4.5 Stars
First off, N.R. Walker just has a way of writing such sweet love between her characters that I just honestly cannot get enough.  These two are no exception.  

Issac in this second book of the series is just stubborn and so internally broken that it hurts my heart.  As a blind man who wants nothing more than to see the man he loves, 
he is quickly caught up in the hope brought forth by another man, Joseph.  Damn this character. I wanted him gone from the first moment he appeared on the page. Not that I ever doubted that Issac would stray but in that I knew something was untrustworthy and so did our dear Carter.  

This one has more angst in it than the first but nothing overwhelming and the tender moments between these two for me are just...whew!  Because Issac cannot see, his other senses are just heightened and this is portrayed so beautifully between them in the bedroom.

Of course there is a HEA and Issac, while he still wants desperately to see, comes to understand that Carter loves him and that no one else could ever see him the way Issac does.  Truly lovely.

"Of all the things I want to see the most, in all of my life, is you. I wanted my sight back so I could see you." 

"You do see me." 
He shook his head and spoke to his hands in his lap. "I'll never be able to see you." 
"You do see me. No one has ever seen me like you do." I lifted his hands to my face. "You know me, you see me, like no one else." 
"Not through these eyes." 
"No," I agreed quietly. "You see me with your heart."

I cannot recommend this series enough.  Next up...more with Mark, the witty best friend.