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Hijinks: Episode Four

Hijinks: Episode Four - Nicholas Bella
OK I am not going to lie...that was fucking painful.  I know I should not expect romance but uuuugggghhhh...

The first half of this installment was 5 Star Brilliant...I freaking love Raphael.  He is up there for me with Theoden (New Haven Series).  Just an awesome presence and wickedly hot hot hot.  While these two never got to "bring each other pleasure", they sure found a way to work the rules.  Phew. 

In a panic, I released Raphael’s hair and pushed him off of me, but he grabbed my wrists, snatching them off his chest. He pinned them to
the wall over my head before reclaiming my mouth. I had never been dominated by anyone in my life, let alone a man. There was
something so animalistic about the way he took over my body. It was just raw fucking passion in its purest form and
I couldn’t deny that I was on fire. I was delirious with lust as he kissed my neck and nibbled my ear. Oh fuck!

Then comes Adriel...

Yeah...I just don't like him. 

I mean...I get it...but it doesn't mean that I like it...AT ALL!!!!! Where did my Raphael go??  And why couldn't he have at least been present??  I mean Adriel as a "Director" that's hot.  But Adriel as a "Participant"...

Els and I have now read 19 installments by Nicholas Bella.  And this has included some of the craziest mindfucking brilliance I 
have ever read. But this one crossed a line for me and I know it should not have bothered me, but it did. Again...I should have known better and I will remind readers...this is NOT A ROMANCE...so I need to listen to myself and turn that part of my brain OFF. 

I am ready for more...no doubt. But Adriel needs to fucking stay away from Brian and give me a chance to come to grips with this.  I mean...at least give me a threesome instead.  YES...I said that. I would take that any day over what I felt with this installment.  

Worn out...and eagerly awaiting more.


Drop Everything BR with Elsbeth on Monday, October 12th!!!!!

Reading Updates:


I opened my mouth, feeling the power of what I was drawing her spirit to me. It entered me in a bright blue mist that ignited my entire being instantly. I was on fire with pleasure, so much so, I was lost in nothing but the purest of sensations. Oh my god! I fell to my knees from the sheer force of the potency. My cock filled instantly, hardening to the point of throbbing in a matter of seconds. The tingling in my balls was explosive and I could feel my sacs drawing up. Before I was even finished feeding, my body released, flooding my jeans with hot, sticky cum. I leaned forward, laying her on the floor as I convulsed in the pure bliss of one of the most intense climaxes I’d ever experienced.


“Holy shit, your lover is Raphael!” Azreal exclaimed, and for the first time since Raphael’s arrival, I had noticed the fear in their eyes as they took a few cautious steps backward.
What a damn turn on! Phew!


“Speaking of your loft, how come I’ve never been there?” I asked, trying not to sound too testy.
Raphael looked at me. "Because you were acting like a twat about fucking me, so I didn’t invite you.”



"You just remember to keep your hands and lips to yourself. We can’t do anything and I don’t want to be riled up,” I warned.
“Ooooh,” Raphael moaned as he stepped up to me, grabbed my waist and pulled me closer for another of his ice-melting kisses. “So, I rile you up, do I?” he flirted after he broke the kiss.

Absolutely loving these two together.


I know these are Demons...but I really don't like Adriel with Brian without Raphael there. Raphael...where are you???