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Disciplined - Nicholas Bella 4,5 stars

Some awesome scenes within this episode and yeah, even with a third read, I was highly entertained.


Since it had been nearly three months, it was worth it to reread this.  Wow!!!  I'd honestly forgotten how vicious they could be and how much I fucking hate Deacon. Shit's about to get real come Season 4 and Els and I are ready. 

Original Review from August 2015, still holds true:

Phew...that one was rough.  Just when I think Nicholas Bella can't come up with more...he totally backslaps me.  When will I learn???  The discipline and teachings in this segment rival Season One for me...I mean there were times I thought this one could be the most horrific of them all.  WOW!  And yet there are other times where you can see the attraction between these characters and the bonds growing stronger.  Noel's POV and his interactions with Marco continue to be a highlight for me. Updated comment: Had to add this visual I found of them...Marco biting Noel. *dies*

I missed my Theoden in this one...and while we got his POV (in his bastard form) I needed MORE!!!

And then Deacon.  His character and relationship with his mate definitely push some buttons but at the same time...goodness...turn on the fan.  Geez.  And the plot thickens with what this bastard has brewing...looking forward to see how things shake out.

As I have said, this series continues to be the most addictive "cockaine" (yeah that word is epic) I have ever read...and for me that's not saying a whole lot.  I honestly have never read anything remotely this dirty before and after dragging Elsbeth along for the ride, she and I both are in agreement that we will likely never read anything that comes close to this.  We need therapy, that's for sure.  But damn what fun we are having...

And good grief...you would think with all the sex, all the cum swapping, all the "discipline" that things would get boring...but it just doesn't at all...it's fucking crazy.

So yeah...I consumed this series thus far like it was the last jar of Nutella...

Now the wait begins until I get my next fix...and yeah...a reread might be necessary before October.  Oh my...did I just admit to that.  Why yes...yes I did!!   *evil cackle*

Oh and a big bummer...Amazon lists this book at over 300 pages...this is the Season Three page count I believe...this installment is the typical 80-90 pages. 

Reading Updates:


The addiction continues...but I'm sad...this is the last published book (for now)...the wait then begins. Ugh


There was no telling when I’d see them again, but I was confident that I would. I’d know if they died, I’d feel it. The connection I shared with my children would be severed. I’d never lost a child and, quite frankly, I hope I never do. I will show no mercy to whoever takes the life of any of my sons or even their sons.


He leaned over, spitting my cum on the ground, pissing me off to the point where I reared back and slapped his face as hard as I could, which sent him careening into the side of the car, leaving a dent.
Phew. Deacon needs to work on his bedside I mean carside manner.


Gawd. Just when I thought Noel had been disciplined enough...


I wondered what he was going to do to Dante as punishment. I didn’t quite know what to think of the hybrid. I fucked up earlier without meaning to. He was fucking up because he just didn’t want to comply. I would have thought after everything he went through, he’d learn that he couldn’t beat Théoden. Not at his own game… hell, any game. He led Dante into the large shower room and immediately, I knew nothing good could come from being in that room. He tossed Dante into the large shower and he landed hard against the tiles, cracking several of them.


“Oh! Oh shit! Ahhhh fuck, I’m about to baptize your throat, baby!”
Yep...this from the preacher. :P


I could tell they loved each other as they made out, which was something else I was starting to feel from my new family. Love.
Yes...Love! Sounds crazy in this family but it is.


“So, you like it rough, eh?” Marco asked, as he turned on the machine.
“I give as good as I get, maybe one day you’ll find out, Sir,” Dante said over his shoulder so that he could look Marco in the eye.
To my surprise, that actually brought a smile to Marco’s face and he snorted.

Yeah Marco, you sick fuck...you are pretty awesome. :D


Marco looked back at me and smirked. “I like this new you, boy. Keep it up and you might just impress me.”
I smiled, because coming from him, that meant the world. “I will.”

Love these moments.


“Dalia will assist you with anything you need.”
He cocked an eyebrow. “Anything?” He looked down at his hard-on. “Be careful how you toss that word around. I might take you up on it.”
I snorted. “Not if you don’t want your cock locked away for a month and her heart for dinner.”
Elijah threw his hands up in the air. “Okay, must take note: Alpha doesn’t have a sense of fucking humor,” he said as he pretended to jot the message down on an imaginary piece of paper with an imaginary pen.
“Not when it comes to sharing you, no, I do not. Keep your cock in your pants, and your cum in your pup sacs. I’ll be back.”

2nd Read: 2015, December 5th


Damn Deacon...
You are going to take awhile for me to warm up to you sick fuck. Good lord. Now Elijah...I love you and your stubborn ass. (No pun intended, lol)


His screams faded away as the flesh of his neck seemed to become corroded. Blood started to pour from his eyes, nose, ears, and mouth as he collapsed on the floor. Dante grasped at his throat and stomach, clawing at his flesh, ripping away chunks as he thrashed on the floor.
Sick but brilliant. Gaah.


“All is forgiven then.” I snorted.
“Why do I have to be forgiven?”
Ty pointed at me. “You got me all riled up.” He pointed at his chest. “You know how I get when I’m around people fucking.” He made more grand gestures with his hands for emphasis as he went on. “You let all of your sexy sons walk out of here and I didn’t get to fuck any one of them. Then you tell me I can’t shoot a load off in this one’s ass. Oh, best believe you had some repenting to do, Theo.”
“Are you done being dramatic, Ty?”
He shrugged, “Yes.”

Oh Ty...you awesome horny bastard.


We climbed back into his car and headed home. I was in a really good mood. Ever since becoming a vampire, I was happier more than I was when I’d been human. I owed Théoden a thank you, I suppose. Maybe one day, I’ll have the balls to say it.-Noel


Ahhhhh, those fucking sexy ass lips of his. I grabbed him by the shoulders, pushing him against the wall of the elevator. Reaching up, I palmed the back of his head, bringing his face down and pressed my lips to his. My tongue claimed his mouth and he grabbed my ass as he kissed me back just as hungrily. The connection between us flared into a blaze just as the doors opened.
This Deacon I like, but Alpha Deacon...wow...that ass is the one character in this series that I don't like AT ALL. And that's saying something. Ugh.

3rd Read: 2015, December 22th


A third read...why the hell not?!?


His eyes reflected his broken spirit as he began to realize he was not my equal.


I mean, how randy do you have to be to get “Daddy’s Cum Dump” tattooed on your ass before you win the Slut of the Century award?
Priceless. LMAO.


"Yeah, I like this new you, a whole fucking lot."
I LOVE these two!!