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Ascension (House of Theoden #2)

Ascension (House of Theoden #2) - Nicholas Bella 4,5 stars

OK, so this is the first one I have lowered a rating on during my reread.  Not that this is bad necessarily but knowing which episodes came later that a far better, I need to lower this one slightly. Amazing developments and Marco and Noel's banter and sexual escapades are priceless.  :D

“Blood of my blood, I bestow upon you my power and authority to rule, under the decree of the Kingdom of Ara, this territory. To defend it at all cost from all enemies. To continue to cultivate it and keep it prosperous. Do you accept the title and duty of the Prince of the City? To honor it with your life?”


Original Rating: 5 Stars

Easily my favorite of the books thus far. The plot and character growth is so brilliant...I'm even liking Marco more (yikes, did I say that out loud??) And I cannot get enough of Theoden...what a hot fucking bastard. 

Re-read: 2015, December 16th