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Chained in Darkness

Chained in Darkness - Nicholas Bella

Quite the ride to reread this...what bastards they are but I love them all. Yeah, it's a sick twisted addiction but worth every cringe.  Onto my favorite Season...The House of Theoden. 


*Spoiler Free Review*

I’ve slept and I still cannot stop thinking about this series.  Now if you have followed me at all in my addictive ride this week, then you are probably thinking…5 Stars???  But your ratings/review for each book (see below for links below) never exceeded 4.5 Stars…and one even received 3 Stars.  And yes…your question is warranted.  So here ya go…

Yes, as a reader, I have my no no’s, I have words and phrases that drive me bat shit crazy, I have situations that make me so uncomfortable…long story short…I have limits. But this is the human reaction.  And as crazy as this sounds, you have to turn off that part of your brain and go with the ride you are on.  This is not a romance...this is not a couple...this is not cheating...this is a different world with different rules.

This book is about Vampires who feed off of the elixirs of men.  Yes elixir”S” plural.  They are savage, brutal horny bastards and why??  Well, it’s a journey and it’s a journey that is well explained in graphic detail.

Now this is the story of Noel…his transformation from human to vampire.  What I love most is that we get his every thought, his every “What the fuck” moment and it’s unbelievably accurate. As a reader you are totally on this journey with him…thinking the same things, wincing, cringing to near sickness.  You can buy into this story because he himself questions everything.  And is beaten into Submission…into Acceptance.  And while this sounds brutal (and yes it is), he is no longer Human.  He is a Vampire and part of this is learning to accept this new life, this new family.

I am not sure many authors can take you on a journey like this.  I feel like I was “Embraced” alongside of Noel and left wanting more with each page.  As he states “What the fuck is happening to me?”  No shit.  I cannot explain what happens reading a series like this.  It is all consuming to the point of crazy. 

As I have stated, I have no idea who to recommend this to.  It is sex filled.  It is brutal.  And yet there is a connection that happens between these characters that cannot be dismissed.  Nicholas has totally captured the desire between Vampires and done so amazingly well.  The moments between Noel and Theoden are my absolute favorite. 

So…of course…more to come.  Season 2, splits POV between our dear Father and Sire (that twisted fuck Theoden) and Noel.  I eagerly await my next fix.


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