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Acceptance - Nicholas Bella 4,5 stars

This was much better on the reread and a few things I forgot about.

Original review: 4 Stars 

Phew. Just when I thought we'd learned enough lessons...

Just when I thought Noel could not be reprimanded in a worse way...

And yet like Noel...you can't help but be drawn to this twisted fuck. 

Wow!  Separate series review to follow.

Reading Updates:


“Why can’t I resist you?”


Théoden was one twisted fuck.


There was a wicked gleam in Théoden’s eye as he grabbed my chin again, raising my face to him. “You. Are. Mine!” he growled passionately.

2nd read: 2015, December 15th


"I am your salvation, your pleasure and your protector. I am your Father, lover and teacher… and you are mine, body, mind and soul.”