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Control - Nicholas Bella 4,5 stars

Phew. No further words needed...but we did get Marco biting Noel, so I will add my favorite pic here. :)

Original Review:

Well...I got my daily fix.  

Nicholas Bella has created one hell of a world with this and left nothing to the imagination.  I am not sure how anything could shock me in the future after reading the scenes depicted in this series.  Noel has submitted to this world completely, and on top of that the dragons have entered the picture. And what an impact they have made. WOW!  Theoden while all controlling is just an awesome character and I am eagerly awaiting getting into this bastard's head come season 2.

I have absolutely no idea who will like this and who will not.  It is beyond my judgement at this point.  Reminder that this is NOT a romance.  


So this one will push my limits more??  MORE????????

Reading Updates:




“I asked you, did you remember your punishment? You obviously had forgotten, but claimed you didn’t. You lied, so I’m adding five extra slaps with this paddle.” He wiggled it in my face and I noticed the paddle had little silver spikes, dozens of them.


In spite of how I felt about this act, I was strangely turned-on by it in the most powerful way. It was the raunchiest and most erotic thing I’d ever experienced.
Oh. My. God. O_O