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Off Campus - Amy Jo Cousins Release Day BR...December 30th...with Elsbeth, Momo, Susan, Paul, Britta, Marcie and Marte

WOW…what a buddy read…the number of posts was crazy and trying not to look ahead was quite difficult. Not to mention all the…


But alas...a review…and for that I have 2 ratings for this book. One rating for the first half and one for the second.

Let’s start with the second half. Honestly, it’s a 2.5 - 3 for me. Things came to kind of a halt that I was not expecting around 60%. And these boys while lovely, desperately need help. Their internal issues are pretty heavy and while I can totally understand Reese’s issues, I had a very difficult time understanding Tom’s. I mean…his father’s issues are not his own? Would people really hound him and treat him as the villain…accusing him of the damage that was really his father’s doing? I am not sure I get it. And while so much emphasis was placed on Reese getting therapy I kept wondering why no one was suggesting that Tom do the same. I mean this guy is soooo messed up it was almost too painful to read.

The heat also seemed to dissipate and honestly with all the negative energy and therapy needed…maybe that was the point. But… even when they have actual intercourse the first time, I was reading and thinking…Tom is hating this…but turns out he was loving it? Did I misread that entire scene? What I wanted was love making but it kept being described as dirty and painful…and really not in a good way at all. Just kinda made me more like…


Instead of this...


And really…that whole first half of the book was one big lovely…


So that brings me back to the first half. Jesus…if we could have stopped somewhere in the middle, I would have probably placed this book on the top of all shelves...with 5 big ole stars. Could it have been the buddy read I was in? The constant pantie throwing discussion? Perhaps, but it was damn hot…sweet and just all around priceless entertainment to please any reader. Whew!! The voyeurism aspect was new for me, and certainly did not disappoint.

Honestly when it was all said and done, I wish really that the book had been a little less about Tom’s issues and more about Reese’s coming to accept the love that Tom had for him…letting his guard down to allow someone into his life and trust they are there for the right reasons…more understanding of him overall, his abuse , etc.

In addition to the amazing first half, another huge plus in this book is CASH. Can I say that again…CASH CASH CASH…honestly I think this character could land at the top of the list of straight best friends. He was absolutely so well written, accepting, funny and just all around fantastic!

“Dudes! Tell me you are not doing it in the bathroom while I’m hauling your piece of shit couch up four flights of stairs. Thing’s made of balsawood…”

OMG I am totally in the CASH fan club!!

Well…so as I bring this to closure, it lands, I guess, at a 4, and really it probably is a 3.5…but given the BR fun I had, I have to round up!!

Also – I have heard Book #2 in this series is about Jack. I am not sure how I feel about this at all. Cash…hell yes I would take an M/F with him any day over reading about the asshole Jack. *shakes head* Maybe time to digest this revelation will help me decide to continue.

Aside from the downhill slide of the second half, this was damn enjoyable! This book was a fun fantastic end to 2014 for me and was my 150th book, allowing me to complete by reading challenge for the year!