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Crash & Burn - Abigail Roux
My feelings in 12 gifs...written spoiler filled review below.


I will say this once and only once…


So it was in August of 2014 that I was first introduced to Ty and Zane through my dear friend Elsbeth (whom I had only met a month earlier).  And the journey has continued with her, for the past 8 months, as she reread this series alongside of me.  Other dear friends joined in the fun and overall it has been one amazing journey, one I hope we take many times in the future together.  To say that I am in denial over the end of this final chapter to Ty and Zane would be an understatement. I am pretty devastated by what occurred during the final pages of this series…absolutely devastated.  I just have to believe this is a joke…there is a 10th book awaiting us surely. SURELY!!!!

And with that, I was left wondering what to rate this…I mean it’s Ty and Zane…it’s Kelly and Nick…and it was truly fabulous.  But…but… Now don’t get me wrong, there was some absolutely brilliant things going on in this book. 

-A kickass first chapter that will become by “Go To Quickie”….my gawd…this was off the fucking charts hot!!! I could easily read this chapter once a week.  *fans self*

-A wedding

-Rings like no other

-Chester and his shovel

-Owen and Digger

-Shocking discoveries

-Unbelievable culmination of events that go back to book 1

-Killer emotional scenes between Ty, Zane, Nick and Kelly…honestly the amount of love I have for these 4 I don’t think can be beat.

-ZANE….this is his book!!  My gawd.  I want to hug him, kiss him, hit him upside the head!!! His character for me was brilliant…just unequivocal love and devotion for all these men.  He genuinely wants to protect each and every one of them.  They are all now his brothers.  For me, his realization that Nick is such an important part of who Ty is was so very emotional.

Zane was Ty’s anchor, a way to keep him from floating away.  But Nick was Ty’s seashore, always in the distance, visible,
comforting, and harkening to home.  And Zane was relieved Ty could spot the shore again.


So what did not work for me??  The end…the end….the end…

I am just at a loss for how upset I am over the last 5% of this book and this brilliant series. These are not just characters anymore, these men have entered all our lives, they have lived in our hearts and souls and deserved more.  We deserved more.  I needed more with Kelly and Nick…YES MORE OF THEM…I needed a final sex scene…I needed “I Do’s” spoken in Texas…I needed more of Julian…I needed Cameron…I needed Deuce…I needed a few more I love you’s between Zane and Ty and honestly between these guys and the Sidewinder boys…the bond between the 6 of them is unbelievable and so I just needed one last hug…one last embrace, something…and yes…we lost people…could we mourn them for 2 minutes…so yes, I needed a funeral…

The end just felt off…it held no emotion at all.  No coming together of these amazing characters instead…I get cats. I love Ty but I don’t like cats.

Gawd I am a mess of emotions. As I said I am in denial…I refuse to believe this is the end. We will get more…we just have to.


Pre-Release day BR with Momo, Elsbeth and Marte...I love you girls!