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Ball & Chain

Ball & Chain - Abigail Roux 4,5 stars

Well...yeah, I loved this.  And for me...the two best things about this book...


And Nick

Yep...you heard me right.  Of course, this takes nothing away from the fabulous scenes with Ty (and goodness he definitely has some memorable moments), and for that matter Kelly, but there was something about Zane and Nick in this book that just wowed me.

Similar to how "Warrior's Cross" should be read before "Armed and Dangerous", this book should not be read without having read "Shock and Awe". This book is about not only Ty and Zane but Nick and Kelly.  The dynamic between the four was perfectly done for me.  But it was the development of the friendship between Zane and Nick that I most enjoyed. Both men are observant.  Part of this is nothing new, but seeing how each of these two are observant of each other, protective and concerned for one another and for their relationships with Ty and Kelly.  I was mesmerized by them.

And good heavens...there are some funny parts in this book too that had me rolling in the floor.

The mystery here got a little muffled towards the end but who the hell cares.  There was some tear jerker moments between our boys that took center stage and totally made me forget about tying up loose ends. I was also caught off guard too at the end so getting smacked upside the head by a few things always works in keeping me entertained.

Can you tell I love these two...and yeah I had these two picked in my head before I knew the author had as well...course they are her Ty and Kelly, but they'll always be my Zane and Nick.  ❤️❤️

Hate to see this series come to closure...guess I will just have to start all over again when I'm done

Another fabulous BR with Marte, Momo and Elsbeth

and yes a few more...



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"Hello, beautiful."


Oh my...one word...
...enough said.


tube of cream, fuck nuts, and getting crabs from ghosts...oh my! I'm dying!


Sorry...the hits just keep coming!

“Where’s Dad?”
“Still trying to convince your grandfather that we did not just hit the shore of Guadalcanal and he should not hit anyone on the head with that shovel.”


"It was instant mass panic."


"Nuh uh."

Well...I know how I want this to play out...we shall see. :D


"I knew it!" -Zane




"The decision you make, you make it for you. Not him. You make it for you. And I'll be there."


“Nick is going to strangle you in your sleep in the first six months, I guarantee it.”
Kelly shrugged. “He tries that every night.”
Ty squeezed his eyes closed, holding his head. “I told you, no sex stories and I won’t freak out. That was our deal!”
Kelly was laughing, an evil little giggle that Ty knew well.


"That's Force fucking Recon to you...Bitch."


"Do you have any idea what it would do to us if you fell? What it would do to me?"


"You've got to be five-finger fucking me," Ty muttered.
Oh my god...




“One night of peace?” Nick repeated incredulously. "Six people are dead! We’re investigating this bullshit on an island in the middle of fucking nowhere because we’re trapped here! There are people panicking all over the fucking place, all the weapons are still missing, and we are one pig’s head on a stick away from Lord of the Flies! A night of peace went out the fucking window when we landed, Beaumont!”


Fucking hell...from tears to this...did not see this coming at all!


Zane thought he had experienced love before. Thought he had known what it felt like to be the center of someone’s world.
He had been wrong, because it had never felt like this.