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Sock it to Me, Santa!

Sock it to Me, Santa! - Madison  Parker 4,5 stars

That was wonderful!!!  But soooooooo short!!  *pouts*

Elf/Santa BR on Saturday!

Reading Updates:


"And you're not supposed to call it a Christmas present. It's a 'winter gift of cheer'"
Hmmm...that's kinda broad...would this work?


"How did he make that scarf so fast?"
"Dude, he's got fairy fingers."

And this is a problem??


Fear is the path to the dark side.


Was he okay? Had he simply overslept? I wondered about his socks all day. If only I could see his socks, I'd know if he was okay or not."


"Thanks for the Chapstick.
That was lovely lovely. ❤️


Yeah clearly I'm missing a chapter or two or twenty!! ❤️