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A Case of Possession

A Case of Possession - K.J. Charles 3,5 stars


So this one has a split rating for me...

The couple...easily 5 stars...the magical connection, the moving magpie tattoos, and combine that with some awesome dialog between them...definite swoonworthy!  I adore these two and only wish I had a gif for these tattoos...lord the visual image is just hot hot hot.

The story...really it lands 2 stars...quite unfortunate. But it was just confusing at times and too many characters that seemed all too similar.

Now, the rats...whew...

We have some scandal, some intrigue in there too, but all of it combined just left me...

As I said though, Stephen and Crane alone are worth the journey here...just wish there had been more of them "together". ;)

Final rating...3.5 stars.

Another fun BR with Elsbeth...see her review here.