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The Shearing Gun

The Shearing Gun - Renae Kaye 4.5 stars

This was just lovely and sweet...and exactly what I needed this past week.

Honestly there is not much more that can truly be said about how wonderful this book is.  A perfect blend of humor, sweet love, and some of the best sexual innuendo conversations I have read.  Love love love for these two.  Plus this is back in Australia, which only made me yearn for Travis and Charlie (Red Dirt Heart).

I just cannot recommend this book enough...it is really just right for any mood, and perfect to help you when you need a boost.

Status Updates:

6% done with The Shearing Gun: "I’d be a lot better if you could just fix this bloody arm. Don’t you guys have magic pills or something?”
The guy beamed at me. “Sorry. I left my magic pills back in Melbourne with my magic wand and diamond tiara."

11% done with The Shearing Gun: “You’re not going to try and do it with your arm, are you?"
I adjusted the baseball cap on my head and gave him a cheeky grin. “Nope! I was just waiting for some sucker to come along to lend me a hand, and guess who turned up?”

Gaaahh. I'm loving this!

13% done with The Shearing Gun: “You’re taking this rather well. Are you close to someone who is gay?”
It was only with huge willpower that I managed not to choke on my coffee. How did he define close? Should I tell him I’ve been so close to several gay guys that I’ve had my cock up their arse?


16% done with The Shearing Gun: We grinned at each other. He was cute and funny and that gave me a funny feeling in my stomach.

18% done with The Shearing Gun: A nearby splash caught my attention, and I looked up in surprise. Elliot was wading in, still in his black jeans but without his shirt and sunnies. He was pale and lean, but my dick didn’t care if he was green and warty. Male flesh, naked and dead ahead, was all my nether regions cared about.
Aaaaah...attraction. *sighs*

26% done with The Shearing Gun: I’ve been out here four months now, Hank, and it’s the loneliest I’ve been in my entire life. I knew moving here would be devastating to my sex life, but I didn’t realize how much I would miss just the camaraderie of having friends.”

27% done with The Shearing Gun: "...Just because we’re both gay doesn’t mean that we have to have sex with each other, you know. We could just be friends. Friends that talk about that one special issue from time to time. I was angry that you didn’t like me enough to confide in me.”
Falling hard for Quackle

28% done with The Shearing Gun: “Definitely not giving you Dom’s number now.”
These two...I'm dying!!

31% done with The Shearing Gun: “Maybe I’ll just have to offer the blow job to the person who organized this magical ride for me, then.”
...My dick sprung to full attention and began waving madly.

44% done with The Shearing Gun: Elliot and I just stared at each other and didn’t say a thing.

46% done with The Shearing Gun: "I have a surprise for you at my house.”
“A surprise?”
"Not telling. You have to come and find out.”
“I’ll come, then.”
The chance for a sexual innuendo was too great. My voice became all husky. “I look forward to seeing you come, then.”

OMG! ❤️❤️❤️

63% done with The Shearing Gun: Would a closeted, secret love affair with a tall—perhaps sexy if I could flatter myself—woolly-headed farmer appeal enough to make Elliot want to stay? Was the sex enough? Did I need to do more? Did I need to make more of an effort? Did I need to be romantic? Did guys buy other guys flowers? Perhaps I could offer to service his car for him for free? Was that romantic?

66% done with The Shearing Gun: “And you can tell by just looking at them?” Shit—could someone really do that?
"Yep.” The look he gave me was a little too long to be comfortable. “I can tell when two people are that much in love.”


70% done with The Shearing Gun: Tell me I will get a recap of that scene at least???? *pouts*

78% done with The Shearing Gun: “I’m just going for a drive.”
Jimmie beamed at me. “Okay. Have fun on the drive. Remember to wear your seatbelt.”
I stifled my mirth. “I always do.”
"Unless—” Jimmie sat up in alarm. “Do you need some seatbelts out of the drawer?”

Excuse me while I try to get myself up off the floor!!

97% done with The Shearing Gun: "All I want is to be happy with you."