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Prized Possession

Prized Possession - Kora Knight

So when I started this series, I felt a little like I had been thrown in the deep end.  What am I to expect from this?  I think I mentioned, in my review of Book #3, that I had read very little BDSM before starting this series and honestly was just not sure how I would like this.  Really I kind of felt like Tad…am I liking this?  Should I like it?  I think I like it.  Do I want more?  How much more?  Whew…I can honestly say now, I am so glad I took the plunge as I am totally loving this story.  But honestly I think it has more to do with our author than the BDSM aspect of this.  I beginning to feel like this woman can do no wrong with me.  My trip to the deep end feels a little like this now…

We’re cool baby, we’re cool. 

So onto this 4th installment.  What’s to say but…

I absolutely loved this. 


Tad’s inner monologue of course was just fantastic but more surprising and wonderful this go around was Tad’s desire to take the lead in dominating where things were headed, and in return Scott’s reaction to this. 

And of course what happens around 92%!!!


So what’s next for these two??? I am seriously hoping for some of this.


and more of this…

These two are seriously becoming one adorable couple.

But what’s up with Max, Kai, and now Breck??  I want to know really but honestly I would prefer another whole series devoted to Max.  I hate losing precious Tad and Scott page time on anyone else.

Whatever the road is ahead, I know Kora will treat us to some goodness.  Very excited to see where we go!  And Everyone needs to be praying for NO MORE SNOW DAYS!!  This spring awakening cannot get here soon enough and Kora ain't got time for snow days!  :)

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BR with Momo, Susan, Elsbeth, Marte and Marco!

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This needs to go on a "should be reading" shelf.


Bought and ready!!!!


It was one thing to be a fly on the wall for some insanely perva-licious role playing, but quite another to watch it next to the one person Tad wanted to fucking hump.


He supposed in a backward kind of way he should be grateful the dude busted in like he did. Because even though Tad had gotten more comfortable with the ‘friends with bennies’ thing, that really only included just the two of them. Closed-off in their own secluded world.


Heart hammering, his toes curled as bliss assailed his groin, frisky licks of ecstasy teasing every inch of his cock. Goddamn , if it wasn’t for the seatbelt holding him , he’d be on the freaking floor.

You mean where I am? gaaaaahhhhh


The dude’s eyes hooded “Hmm. Now I forgot what I was asking for.” Again, Scott’s attention dropped to Tad’s mouth. “Know what I want to ask for, though.”
Oh sweet Jesus....





Tad's dick twitched. Any time 'sweet spot' came out of Scott's mouth, his mind went straight to the gutter.


"Jesus. Confident much?"

I literally just laughed out loud walking down the street reading this!!! ❤️❤️❤️


Just like always, Scott’s sultry stare had drawn him in. God, to dive into those hot pools of fudge. Instantly, he envisioned the most delectable of scenes: Scott and him wrestling in warm, melted chocolate. Slick limbs tangling. Slippery fingers grasping. Lips and tongues licking and sucking…
Oh my...can this be foreshadowing?? Please, Kora, please! ;)


Drunk on anticipation, Tad reached for the guy, planning to shove him down on all fours. But instead, Tad found himself scooting close to press against Scott’s back. Ironically, as badly as he wanted to get buried, he also wanted to take his time. Savor the heat of this amazing man who made him feel so alive.


Just the thought of being Scott’s first in ages anything made his whole being thrum. But it also made those fluttery things burn heavily in his gut. A strange feeling of possessiveness rose up in his chest. Scratch that. He didn’t want to be Scott’s anything. He wanted to be his everything. Didn’t even want the guy to think about anyone else.
No words. *dying* ❤️




"The most important thing is to be able to sacrifice what you are for what you will become." - Jordan Burroughs