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The Blinding Light

The Blinding Light - Renae Kaye Just a wonderfully sweet and touching book…from the notes to the “perfume”… I was just overjoyed for the first 70% of this book.


Now that’s not to say that I disliked the end but it had a different feel to it…we got into family drama. Yeah…it was just eeehh.


I’m not sure these siblings or this mother deserved Jake at all…but whatever…I guess they’re family and everyone puts up with shit now and then.

Now some of my fellow BRers felt the discussions on moving in together were bothersome and “contractual” in nature and while it had a bit of that feeling, overall I thought it was handled really well. Our dear Jake is not one who would EVER take a handout, would expect anyone to pay off his debts or accept obligations he had…this is just the way the guy was and Patrick knew that. This was Patrick’s way of helping while technically not changing things between them from a professional standpoint…separating their professional from their personal lives was part of how their relationship seemed to work and I bought it.


The letters between them were easily my favorite part. Jake’s entire demeanor and take no shit attitude towards Patrick worked perfectly…but what did I miss?? Honestly for me I wish we had gotten into a little more of the touch sense. We got a good bit of Patrick’s sense of hearing and smelling but I needed the touch. One of my favorite parts in NR Walker’s Blind Faith is this physical discovery and seeing that discovery of the other person’s features through touch…I get a little excited over stuff like that.


Regardless this is an enjoyable read and easily one I can see re-reading in the future…hate it sat on my iPad for nearly 10 months before I picked it up.

A great BR with Momo, Elsbeth, Nathan and Paul