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Punishment - Nicholas Bella 4.5 Stars

Yes...a continued mindfuck. Loving this the second time through. This installment seeing Donovan <3 and that asshole Jonah from the beginning. Plus Theoden is in rare form as always.<br/>
Original thoughts:

What kind of mindfuck was this?

I clearly have a problem. Geez. I should not be enjoying this but...


Status Updates (Read #1):

28% done with Punishment: “There goes that mouth of yours, getting you into trouble.” He walked back over to his tray and removed a long dagger. It shined like silver as the light reflected off it. He came over to me and gripped my chin, forcing my mouth open. I started screaming in protest, but I couldn’t form any words. “I’d like to see you talk shit now,” Théoden said, then he stabbed the knife in my mouth through the back of my skull pinning my head to the leather.

Oh. My. God. What am I doing??

*keeps reading* :/

51% done with Punishment: “There have been parents who use soap to wash out a child’s mouth when they tell lies or say bad words. This is that equivalent for vampires, but only more lasting and painful. Remember what you are feeling now, Noel. Remember it well so that you think of the consequence the next time you feel like being dishonest. That was only one ounce. The next offense will result in a half a cup. Nod if you understand me.”

90% done with Punishment: “Weeks? Foolish boy, it’s been three days."
My mouth dropped open, I couldn’t believe it. “Three days, how can that be?”
Théoden smiled. “The hunger can drive you insane. You lose track of time and all that matters is feeding.” He sighed. “This was your doing, Noel. I told you before, there will always be a severe consequence every time you disobey me. Did you think I’d only beat you? Is that what you thought you could prepare yourself for? I told you to feed, and you refused. This is what your actions wrought."

Status Updates (Read #2):
21% done with Punishment: “Now, I like to pierce the cock when it’s nice and hard like this. It really hurts that way, see.”

49% done with Punishment: "Drink it."

54% done with Punishment: "Honesty really is one of the main foundations for building a relationship. Trust is another. You can trust me to take care of you, but also, you can trust me to punish you when you disobey me."
❤️ Theoden...what a bastard!