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Love is a Stranger

Love is a Stranger - John  Wiltshire


“Hello, Benjamin.”


Well...Hello, Nikolas…and I say that with a big ole damn grin on my face.  After my first experience with this book, I was more than a little hesitant and afraid to take this one on.  I did not like Nik or Ben at all originally.  The introduction to these characters is likely one of the most off-putting of any introductions to lead MC’s that I have ever experienced.  They are perceived as lying cheating bastards, quite frankly, and so I really had to go into this with a new perspective and trust what I had heard…"things are not how they appear."


So I did just that. I focused on them and them alone…put aside their interactions with other characters…and WOW!  I fell in love with their relationship almost instantly.  Nik is totally the type of character I love.  Mysterious and arrogant…and yet the hints and glimpses of the man behind the shadows is mesmerizing.


“You think my life is camouflage?”

Ben held the stare. “Sir, I think everything you do from the moment you wake up to the moment you let yourself sleep is nothing more than a shadow dance.”


And the character development which unfolded on the pages before me, related to Nik, was brilliant. The pieces fell into place (at least those we have seen so far) and the reactions of Ben to these circumstances was equally brilliant.  Add to that the most precious dog and I was a mess.


Their love for each other was so unexpected, so emotional and so heartbreakingly beautiful that I was completely caught off guard.  I highlighted this book to death and swooned all over them.


It broke both of them.

Ben was the first to admit it, pulling away to stop the tears coming, trying to control his breathing, but Nikolas wasn’t far behind and, apparently, even less used to having such emotion overwhelm him. He appeared utterly unable to work out what to do, finally just throwing an arm over his face for privacy and letting the tears run.




I eagerly await the next book as I hear these get better and better, which considering how much I enjoyed this first one, I think I am in for one hell of a ride. 



Nik (Paul Bettany)


Ben (Ben Hill)


“But that’s not where the story ends. He couldn’t get over loving the stranger. Although he could now see the monster, he remembered loving the man, and his love was so strong and so constant that the monster felt it as a real force, and one day he looked in a mirror, and he too saw the beautiful stranger—alive and vibrant. The end.”


Yep…I am mesmerized.


Thank you Marco for pushing me into picking this one back up. I adore it.




Original Review:


DNF at 11%. Yeah this is clearly not a book for me. I'm big on first impressions and there is nothing about this situation or these two that I like at all. Obviously a personal issue.

No rating.

Sorry to bail guys.






And the reread was even better.  Seeing their relationship and first kiss from a completely different perspective this time made this one hellava reread.  Bumping this from 4.5 to 5 stars. <3