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Chance: Episode Seven (The Demon Gate Series Book 7)

Chance: Episode Seven (The Demon Gate Series Book 7) - Nicholas Bella, Heidi Ryan *4.5 Bellaholic Stars*

Damn. Damn. Damn. Another installment down and now another wait. I NEED MORE!!!

This series continues to take shape and the storyline is developing quite nicely, I must say, although I am still a little puzzled over the woman on the cover and who she is exactly. *scratches head*

Brian and Raphael can blow the covers off this series for sure....phew they are HOT HOT HOT!! I love them and their relationship while unconventional for sure, is true. I refuse to believe anything or anyone can come between them. The words and actions between them in this installment rise to a whole new level of intimacy...which was amazing.

Adriel can continue to step on legos. I will never like this character.

Rohan is damn intriguing. While he has a bit of fun with our boys, and while it seems off putting at times, it really wasn't. I understood this and Brian and Raphael make it ok.

We meet the fabulous ginger Demon, Agent Wheeler...my my my. *huge heart eyes for this guy*

And the cliffhanger?!?! Well, well, well...unbelievable and intriging...and the fact that Raphael felt what was coming as well as Brian, made this all the better.


Reading Updates:


Oh. My. God. What a start!


"It has been a while since you’ve had the pleasure of my cock in either of your holes,” Adriel said, having read my emotions. “By the intensity of your lust, it looks like you’re overdue.”
Fucking Hell...why does this character bother me sooooo bad???


“We can’t do this here, Sir,” I said, panting as heavily as he was. “Besides, I have a mate. He should know what’s going on.” I’d fucked up one relationship by sleeping with someone behind my woman’s back. I wasn’t going to repeat that same mistake with Raphael.
Thank the lord!


“You better not fuck him better than you fuck me,” I growled, making my point. He turned to me, laughing, then he leaned over, grabbing the back of my head, and kissed me passionately as if to reassure me that I was number one in his life.
Just so we are clear. Lol. I love them.