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The Mating of Michael

The Mating of Michael - Eli Easton To Michael, the real life Lamb, who must have been given special programming because he loves more generously than any other human being I know.

Michael Michael Michael. You stole my breath away.


This is one of those books that will forever stay in my heart and soul. One so full of love that I cannot help but want to do nothing more than read it over and over again.

Honestly, I am at a loss with what to say and how to put my feelings on this book into words. There is so much love that comes from this beautiful man to everyone around him. And never once does he look upon another person and not look into their soul, not look past their external appearance and not see the beautiful person they are underneath.

The relationship that builds between Michael and James is so passionate and loving...


And while Michael choses to keep a part of what he does from James, I totally understood his reasoning. Never had this beautiful man truly known love and received love from another man and for Michael I understood his fear…his hesitancy in not messing things up.

There was nothing worse than being rejected for who you really were. Michael was a surrogate. Yes, he liked to help people like Tommy. Yes, he used sex to do it. Was that really so wrong? Did he deserve to be punished by never having anything of his own?

And while I wanted him to be open and honest I also didn’t want this man to stop what he was because of his relationship with James. He’s a healer and a lover and that is part of who he is and what makes him such a beautitful soul.

Eli Easton, for me, handled this relationship and the resolution at the end of this book amazingly well. I got punched in the gut numerous times as this book came to closure but that punch was later filled with such joy and love for these characters and for those around them that I was left smiling through the tears on my face.

I cannot recommend this book enough and these words could not possibly do the book justice. So…


Yeah I went there. Thank you Marco for gushing this one right to me. And for Teri who held my hand. <3 </b>