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Charmed: Episode Five

Charmed: Episode Five - Nicholas Bella, Heidi Ryan Wow! That was exactly what I needed and overall a very different ride than episode 4. I hovered around 4 stars until that end. It's a 4.5 star read no doubt but I'm giving this one a bump in rating since Adriel's dick was a no-show. Praise the lord!!

I adore Brian and Raphael and their bonding is explosive! The plot was also in full force this time as well and we are left with many more questions. I am worried though...this is slipping into romance for me big time and I'm afraid my heart is going to get crushed eventually. We shall see.

This installment was definitely worth the wait and it seems the next may come quicker than expected.

Another Bellaholic ride with Els!! ❤️❤️❤️

Reading Updates:


The clouds have lifted...let the Bella cockaine flow!!


Brian and Raphael...


"I'm going to fuck you so good, baby," he declared.



The amount of Brian and Raphael in this installment...

Makes Julie a giddy girl.


"I love when you're this close to me, baby." He encircled his arms around me, holding my body tightly against his. I could feel his heat and the beating of his heart as his chest rose and fell against mine. The intimacy we shared, no matter how physical, always seemed to make me feel like our bond was growing stronger.


"Well, I'm saying that I'll be your bitch if you'll be mine."
I love these two. Wow.