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Rattlesnake - Kim Fielding "I'm not Tom."

"I'm not Tom."

Wow. I'm kind of overwhelmed honestly. This book, like all of the Kim Fielding books I've read, is like snuggling under a warm blanket with a cup of tea. There's just a calming tone to her words that just makes you comfortable. So much so that I found myself dozing off a few times. lol.

Yes this book can seem quite boring to start. I was left thinking...is something going to happen? What's the fuss about? And yet while slow, I was intrigued and mesmerized by the beautiful characters being developed on the pages in front of me.

This book builds beautifully with some just heartwarming scenes that left me breathless. So when in doubt, don't give up on this one. There's an amazing journey and realization that there is HOPE for a future, for a home, and for true love. That we can't run from what's inside us. The end of this book had me in tears. While there's really no angst, the dialogue between our MCs was unbelievably heartfelt to the point that you'll be left drowning in the feelz.

**Highly Recommended**

Status Updates:

Wishes were like poison, Jimmy thought. When you made them, they were all bright and shiny, sweet as candy. But they lingered and languished and didn’t come true, and so they curdled and went bad. Became toxic. That’s why he never made them to begin with.

“You have a lot of relatives.”
“I guess. We’ve lived here since Rattlesnake Murray’s days, so we’ve had time to spread our seed.”
Jimmy snorted a laugh. “Is that what you do?”
“When the opportunity presents itself. Speaking of which… hungry?”.

He could almost imagine that the inn was a magical place—that the town was a magical place—where all the family members loved one another and protected one another fiercely. Where people found happiness unhaunted by demons. Where the food was always delicious and the bartenders always kind and handsome and interested in middle-aged vagrants.
Yeah, and the ranches were full of rainbow-farting unicorns.

“You’re a puzzle, Jimmy Dorsett, and my brain’s too scrambled to solve you. I guess I’ll have to take you as I find you.”
I could say the same for this book.

“Who backs you up when you need it?”
“I wasn’t almost killed in an accident, Shane.”
Shane looked at him, then dropped his eyes to the dish towel he was twisting tight. "Maybe not,” he said quietly. “Doesn’t mean nothing broke you, though.” He put down the towel and left.
Ok. Maybe now we are getting somewhere. *intrigued*

"...Mom’s the one who told all of us never to judge anyone else ’til you’ve walked in his shoes, because every one of us has a burden. And just ’cause you can’t see another person’s burden don’t mean it ain’t heavy.”
Given this looming letter I'm curious how this advice comes into play.

“You’re a goddamn miracle. And so fucking strong.”
My favorite scene thus far. ❤️❤️❤️

“You say you’re chasing after something, but you’re not fooling anyone with that lie. Not even yourself. You’re running from something, Jimmy Dorsett. ’Cause that’s what you do, isn’t it? Trouble finds you, you just move on. Only you’re never gonna get away from it, because what you’re trying to escape is inside you.”
Gaah...another amazing scene. ❤️❤️❤️

"You know what I am? I’m a ghost. I know I told you I don’t believe in ghosts, but that’s a lie too. I believe because I am one. Tom was too, even when he was still alive. People like us—there’s a lot of us, but nobody sees us. We work a nothing gig for a few days or a few weeks and we move on. We live in crap motels and crap apartments if we’re lucky, under bridges and in empty buildings if we’re not. And when we die, nobody misses us. Nobody claims our ashes.”

“I guess I’m empty even in my imagination.”
Killing me. *grabs kleenex*