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Jackdaw - K.J. Charles “It’s wonderful,” ... "You have no idea how wonderful it is.”

As I mentioned upon completion, this is without a doubt the best I've read by KJ Charles. Now that is not to say that I have not enjoyed the Magpie Series or Think of England, but this was just unbelievably beautiful. The characters of Crane and Day from Magpies are fantastically developed, their connection, their magic, the magpies, all together form a relationship that you want to read more about. For me, the mysteries and side stories in that series did not live up to the beauty that was them. But it's so worth the journey for them and now are even more worth the journey to get to this book!!!

Take Note: This book CANNOT be read without completing the Magpie Series!! While this is technically not part of the Magpie Series, there is too much connection with the "Flight of Magpies" that this story and these characters will mean very little to you as a reader without it.

Now as for Ben and Jonah...I am not sure I have read a story like this...with so much heartache between two people destined to be together. The angst and tension are at a high here but it is worth it. These two are magical together, their love is fierce and undeniable and yet there's hurt between them that must be dealt with, there's an escape from their lives that must occur for them to see each other again...and what a journey it is.

Charles also manages to take some characters we know and love and make you question your loyalty to them...WHAT?? How is this happening?? And yet she does so exceptionally well. It's believable, it's intriging and the scenes that transpire are magical all on their own.

Unlike the Magpie Series, this one will be reread by me numerous times in the future. It's just that good.

What a wonderful start to 2016...cannot wait for more from Charles.