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Retribution - Nicholas Bella Once again an episode even better the second time. 


WOW!  I need a moment...oh and Episode Two: Suspicion...NOW!

Review to come.


We need our next hit of cockcaine. BR with Els beginning Monday, December 7th!


I have so many ahead of this already but at least it's...

Reading Updates:


Wine in hand. Els...


Good lord...what a start!
Love love love Elijah! ❤️❤️❤️


I was scrubbing myself down when I heard a knock on my bedroom door.
“Come in,” I called out.
A few seconds later, Sani entered the bathroom. I turned off the water, then climbed out. He looked down at me, smiling. “I can tell by the order for Steven to get his cock and nipples pierced that he satisfied his majesty this morning,” he taunted.


This murder fell on him and his leaches. I would demand retribution!


“I’m going to make you suck my dick, Eli. The same dick that was in another wolf’s virgin asshole.”
“Sounds very characteristic of a dipshit,” Elijah remarked.
Fucking hell! God, I didn’t think I’d been this turned on in a while. The more we were together, the hotter he was becoming to me. Even when he was being an insolent son of a bitch. I couldn’t resist him. As a matter of fact, when Eli was pissed, that seemed to turn me on more. I had to feel his mouth against mine. I kissed him hard, passionately, pushing my tongue inside of him, claiming him as only I could. I felt his heaving chest pressing against mine, his perky little nipples were erect and ready for a little attention.

I've said it already...I love Elijah and how he handles the dipshit is...PRICELESS!


“God, how much can you cum in one day?”
*snorts*. I think this question could be directed at every character in this series. LOL


"I love you."
Oh my god. It was said and the scene was...


Don't judge me! That scene demands a reread RIGHT NOW! *rewinds to 50%*


Phew. Even better the second time.


“Father, do I get anything to wear?” Dante asked when I walked past him.
"Of course, my son, I have the perfect outfit for you,” I teased, reaching into a bag and removing black leather briefs with a zipper in the front and back and a black harness that strapped around his chest. The last items I pulled from the bag were a pair of black ankle socks and leather knee-length, lace-up boots. “Here, get dressed.”



“It’s because you have dragon blood flowing through you, pup,” I explained after breaking the kiss. “That’s the reason why your bite can create pleasure where no vampires born of any other line can. It’s also the reason why you feel ecstasy more acutely. Sex, as you well know by now, is more intense. The slightest sensation can send you into a sexual frenzy… Like this.”
Dante's lesson on the joys of being in The House of Theoden

Re-read, 2015 December 26th


Ok I've read fluff for two days...where's my smut??


Now I was looking up at him as he looked down at me. I felt like I was trapped in the gorgeous, green pools of his sexy gaze. I could live in those green irises. “You’re fucking beautiful, do you know that?”


“I know those marks belonged to a vampire. When that bloodsucking bastard wakes up tonight, we’re going to have a meeting,” I growled, thinking about Théoden...I would demand retribution!


Gaaahhh...I love this one sooo hard.