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Stay - Riley Hart

I need to come down from my book high in order to put words with my feels on this one.  Gaaaaahhh

BR with Paul

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It doesn’t matter who you love, brother, as long as you love them with your whole damn heart.


“You would have made a shitty boy scout.”
Braden winked. “For more than one reason.”

Age aside...Braden is totally RDJr. for me. :-)


Braden brushed his finger through the hair at the nape of Wes’s neck, and damned if desire didn’t make Wes’s cock start to rise.
“Say yes.”




Drink coffee. Relax. Stop overthinking how fucking sweet I am.
Gaaahh I think I may have found my favorite book boyfriend...like ever. #bookboyfriendnumberone


“I know you said you were into guys longer than Coop, but I gotta know... do I need to stop drinking the water around here or what?” he smirked.
Braden stood again and shook his head. “If that was the case, you’d be doing yourself a favor to drink the water.” He winked at Rick before walking away.

AWESOME response!!


It’s something Mom came up with when we were kids, and Dad always says a happy wife makes a happy life.”
Those words soured Wes’s stomach, though he wasn’t sure why until Braden said, “Though, I like ‘A happy spouse makes a happy house’ better.”


"Who else left you, Wesley?"



Realize how great a guy you are and that you’re worth love and happiness. It’s worth it to put yourself out there, even if you do get hurt. If you don’t risk your heart, you’ll never know what it’s like for it to fully be whole.
Dying. I'm dying.