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Victim of Love

Victim of Love - Darien Cox OH. MY. GOD. Can I start that over right this minute?????? Review to come when I am come down off this book high!!


Status Updates:
1% done with Victim of Love: Another that I know nothing about. *nods yes to Els and opens book*

3% done with Victim of Love: “And Olsen, what is going on with your hair?”
I paused and turned back, scowling. “I combed it. Why? What’s wrong with it?”
Laurie smirked, then shrugged. “Nothing. If you don’t mind looking like a third-grader all ready for school picture day. Dude, that side-part has to go.”


12% done with Victim of Love: “Beck, this is my friend Olsen,” Laurie said.
Remaining prostrate, the man on the lounger lifted his arm in a weak wave, but didn’t look my way.
“Beck is my brother,” Laurie said. “And he’s an asshole.”


23% done with Victim of Love: Oh my...I am so sucked into this. I'll never function tomorrow at work if I once again get 3 hours of sleep!!

32% done with Victim of Love: “Okay, do over. Let’s try this again. Olsen, I think you’re sweet and hot and smart and really funny. I like your eyes and your body and I want to make love to you in a way that works for you, in a way that leaves you breathless and still thinking about it hours after you leave my bed. So please. Tell me what you want.”
I gripped the waistband of his shorts, tugging him closer, pleased when the action brought a sharp inhale from Beck. “I want you to take off your mask,” I said. “And your clothes. And I want you to kiss me. The same way you kissed me on the beach the other night. But this time, you can’t run away.”


36% done with Victim of Love:

45% done with Victim of Love: I headed toward the path, my stride steady and sure. Fuck it. Fuck the consequences. I was going to find Beck, and I would let him feel whatever he needed to feel from me. I’d let him pretend. Because I needed it too. My need was selfish and basic and did not require rational thought. I wanted to be in his bed, shrouded in his heat, letting him have me in any way he desired.
Oh. My.

58% done with Victim of Love: This book is like crack. Jesus.

74% done with Victim of Love:

77% done with Victim of Love: Who is this man in my arms, I pondered? So quick-witted, so self-assured, yet so vulnerable? My mind was naturally curious, but also accepting. I didn’t need to know every facet of Beck Turner’s life to know that I loved him, and I would do all I could to ease his pain.