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Signs of Life - Melanie  Hansen 4.5 Stars

I’m beginning to think that Melanie Hansen has my number when it comes to writing characters and stories that hit me just right.  Once again, I appear to the one who connected to this book the most out of my fellow buddy readers.  So why? 

Chapter 1 (and no I am not going to take this chapter by chapter but this particular chapter needs special recognition)

It’s a gut buster of an opening.  As my update indicates, I am not sure I have ever read an opening chapter that impacted me as much as this one did…my goodness I was a fucking mess. And that takes talent.  As readers we are just being introduced to Jeremy and within just a few pages I was so distraught by what this character endures I just could not help but feel for him, to become connected to him, to want more for him.  Jeremy experiences losses that no one should have to go through but these losses only made me fully understand why he built up these walls around himself...why he ran.  Who wouldn’t?

Melanie writes some heartbreaking characters and characters you want to console, to love and to fully embrace.  And for me, I love broken men…men who have these emotional walls that need to be torn down, men that aren’t afraid to lose themselves in emotion, to cry on the shoulder of the ones they love and to come out of the shadows of despair and reenter life for love.  Gaaahhh…just push me over. I fully connected to these two men and found this connection wonderfully written.

As part of this story, we are also introduced to Kai’s best friend, Loren, and what an impact he has on this story.  An unconventional relationship, and one that while very open, is never threatening.  Loren and Kai share a love that can never be replaced.  Loren pulled Kai out of his own shadows of despair and in that he will always be a part of Kai’s heart, much like Brent will always be a part of Jeremy’s.  Love has no limit…our love doesn’t diminish because we love more than one person.

“Look, when I was sixteen, my mom was pregnant with her seventy-trillionth kid. And one of my little sisters asked her if my mom would still love her when she had the new baby. I’ll never forget what my mom said, about love being like the flame of a candle. It glows brightly, but yet it can light many more candles, a roomful of them, without losing its glow. And the other ones it lit glow just as bright without taking one single thing away from the original candle.”

Loren is a glowing candle in Kai’s heart, his security blanket and their love and friendship is just amazingly heartfelt.  Loren gets his own story next and I will eagerly be awaiting this.

Now as for Jase and Carey (one of my favorite couples ever btw)…they make a cameo in this and dammit, it only makes me want to reread “Everything Changes” AGAIN!!! 

Kai and Jeremy's story is just beautifully rich and powerful and one that I look forward to revisiting one day soon.  Highly recommended. 

BR with my girls Susan, Momo and Els

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“When’s your baby due again?”
Oh. *heavy sigh*

So I am not sure I was expecting this to affect me quite so much...

That was the hardest fucking first chapter of a book I have ever read.

It had been the hottest sex of his life, and Jeremy couldn’t believe he was thinking that about an encounter with a stranger in a dirty alley, but he’d never before felt the urge to consume someone, to crawl inside their skin, to own them like that.

“As far as I know we’ve never met before.” He stepped forward and stuck out his hand for Jeremy to shake.
“Kai Daniels.” Jeremy took his hand, and Kai had to work hard to suppress a shiver at the feel of his warm palm, his callused fingers, remembering them running across his body, stroking him….
Oh my.

Jeremy felt raw and exposed from all the unaccustomed emotion, the dam he’d carefully built around the charred remains of his heart threatening to crack open and spill grief and bitter anguish out, and so he did what he taught himself to do. He pushed his body to the point of exhaustion, to where nothing could possibly exist except the need for another breath, the need to get above physical pain into quiet. The illusion of peace.
So Jeremy just ran.

“Okay, have fun with that. Get laid, have a great time. But if he breaks your heart, so help me, I’ll break his goddamn face.”
❤️❤️❤️ Loren ❤️❤️❤️

“And sometimes, Jeremy, with someone, they just— I don’t know, man, they just fit you. They fill those empty spaces inside you with stuff you didn’t even know you wanted or needed. You can’t explain it, but sometimes it’s just— right. Don’t question it, just grab on to it with both hands.”
Jase, I love you.

“You know they think you’re my boyfriend now, and that we’re cute.” He snorted, then gasped when Jeremy cupped the back of his head and pulled him into a scorching kiss, not stopping until they were both breathing roughly, steaming up the windows.
“I am your boyfriend,” Jeremy growled, “and you’re not cute. You’re hot and sexy, and so fuckable that I’m about to come in my goddamn pants just at the thought of being inside you.”