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Focus on Me

Focus on Me - Megan Erickson Unbelievably beautiful.

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"...he’s light and he doesn’t deserve all the dark that’s in my head. I’m like a plant, though, and no matter what, I find myself leaning toward his light.

I thought I’d fail. I was so prepared to reach the ocean and that would be the end of all this.
And now, I’m not so sure. Because I want again. Because I’ve never been happier. Because Colin is everything.

Riley was looking at me like he never wanted to look away. I’d never had a guy get all possessive with me. Who wanted me enough or cared about me enough. And maybe that was my fault, too. I never wanted a guy back the same way.

I turned to Landry and stepped into his space. “We’re wasting time. Riley . . . is mine. He’s mine and he’s my responsibility and all I can think about is getting to that pier right now. Okay?”
Movement caught my eye. Justin straightened from the doorframe and silver eyes pierced me from beneath the brim of his cap. “I suggest you step back from Landry. Because he’s mine and I will put you on the ground if you lay a hand on him.”
Awesome fucking exchange!!!

“You made a difference in his life, just like he made a difference in yours. You have to quit keeping this tab in your head of what you lost and what you won. Because then you miss the journey.”

Finally his gaze landed on me, and then . . . He smiled.
Not just a I’m happy to see you smile.
Not a I missed you smile.
This was a I can breathe again now that you’re in front of me smile.