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The Turtle Boy - Kealan Patrick Burke 3.5 Stars

September 10th BR with my Burke Gore Gals Kat and Anasylvia.

So yeah…I am a scattered mess of thoughts after that and as my fellow BRer noted…a cliffhanger to boot…which left me with nothing but more questions.


So the good…

-While this book really has very little of the “Gore” we girls are going for with Burke’s works, it did fill me with so much anxiety that I really could not put it down. However, at one point, I was so uncomfortable with where a certain scene was headed that I was almost ill. Thankfully, it did not go to where I was thinking (thank you Kealan for that).

-The mystery and mindfuck of who is behind the crime itself along with the trail of breadcrumbs that left me stirring all night…including an image appearing at the end of the book that totally turned things upside down for me. WTF?

-Our Turtle Boy himself and additionally the alternate cover…which is really far superior to the one linked to this book.


And I don’t want to say bad…so I’ll say less good…

-This is clearly an early work of Burke (come to find out, one of his first) and as such details and descriptions fall short of the brilliance we have come to see in his later works. At times even, I was confused, left trying to figure out who “he” was referring to. Specifically when the main character thinks “Maybe he deserves to die.” Is he referring to several other male characters or himself…I am still not clear.

In the end, I was entertained. Our BR will continue sooner than planned as the cliffhanger left us needing more as we work our way through Burke’s collection.

Next up…the continuation of “The Turtle Boy" with The Hides.