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The Tin Box

The Tin Box - Kim Fielding 4.5 Stars

Just heartbreakingly beautiful. That's all I can say. I'm not sure I could ever write a review for this one.

KC Kelly was amazing as always.

Status Updates:

9% done with The Tin Box: Oh. My. God. I am so in love with Colby and his "It's Raining Men" ringtone.

19% done with The Tin Box: If I were cured I would be free.
But if I were cured I would not love you any longer, would not long for your voice and your touch. And that is a loss I can bear much less than the loss of my freedom.

27% done with The Tin Box: Colby was leaning on the counter next to the cash register, squinting at a catalog. He looked up at William with a smile. “Find something good?”
“Maybe.” William placed the book next to the catalog.
He was gratified to see Colby’s eyes widen. “Um, you do realize this isn’t exactly Zane Grey, don’t you?”
“More like Zane Gay.” William swallowed a nervous snicker over his own lame attempt at humor.
"Okay. So… not that I wanna discourage you or anything, ’cause this is actually a really good book. Plus Brett and Jesse are so hot together, and there’s this one scene—oh my God!..."

Can Colby BR with me???

30% done with The Tin Box: Please, come rescue me.
My heart is breaking over Bill...and William. :-(

34% done with The Tin Box: “He doesn’t know you’re gay?”
Colby hooted a noisy laugh and turned to look at him. “You’re kidding, right? Come on. I set off gaydar from three hundred yards away. When I was in kindergarten I used to accessorize my Transformers with rhinestones I stole from Grandma’s Bedazzler. When I was nine, I announced I was going to marry Brad Pitt when I grew up. I starred in every musical performed in my junior high and high school and I was fabulous. Will, everyone knows I’m gay. I’d just rather not discuss the specifics with the geriatric crowd.”

❤️❤️❤️ Love Colby!!!

45% done with The Tin Box: Colby...I adore you.

51% done with The Tin Box: “This is it, Mom. This is me. I’ll always be gay.”
“We cannot have this in our lives.”
"I’m sorry to hear that.”

Yeah I'm sorry to hear that too. See ya!

60% done with The Tin Box: “So here’s the deal. Some guys say they’re exclusive tops or bottoms, and I guess most guys sorta prefer one or the other. Like me. In my experience, the men who swear up and down they’re exclusive tops and that they’d never let a cock anywhere near their precious assholes… well, most of them have some serious issues and they make lousy lays. I think you gotta try the other side at least once or twice if you wanna be really good.”
“Okay.” William felt a little as though he should be taking notes.


69% done with The Tin Box: Phew...thank god for Colby in this book...because what these other characters endured is just...

77% done with The Tin Box: "They did that? Just for being queer?"

81% done with The Tin Box: “You’re not a Brussels sprout, Colby.”
So sweet. :)

100% done with The Tin Box: Another drive to work...I can't even get out of the car.