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The Pillar - Kim Fielding 4.5 Stars

So every once in a while you come across a book that from the first sentence you find yourself totally captivated.

Church bells and Muezzins called the faithful to evening prayers, but Faris was not faithful. 

So yes, I was drawn into this beautifully depicted world and into the hearts and souls of our two broken but strong MC's.  The love explored and developed between these two was mesmerizing.  This is a must read...little angst, a HEA and yes writing that just leaves you breathless in more ways than one.


And it was a strange thing. It was as if the pain from those lash marks had lingered all these years, wearing into Faris, body and soul. Yet each kiss eased a little more of the pain away, like a soothing poultice on battered skin.


At that moment Faris had almost stopped feeling like an orphan and a thief and had almost felt like a man of worth.


“Soldier, slave, thief, healer. Just words.” He reached across the table and pressed their entwined hands to Faris’s chest. “None of them tell us what’s in here—who a man truly is. And you, truly, are no thief.


He’d always been ashamed of his scars. They were like brands, visible and tangible reminders of what he was. But as he gazed at Boro, he realized that scars might also be badges of honor. Scars might say to the world, Look what was done to me. And yet I am strong—I survived.


A man who’d recently grown to love another so deeply, so well, that just a small smile could send him into transports of joy and make him feel as if his soul had left his body and made a new home in his lover’s chest.

What more is there to say?  Beautiful writing is beautiful and Ms Fielding does it magnificently.  

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