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Circus of the Damned

Circus of the Damned - Cornelia Grey

Spoiler free!

So do you ever get to the end of a book and want so badly to give it 5 stars and just can't??  Well...it's a damn shame.  I really enjoyed this one...to the point that I think I mentally wrote this review 5 times in my head while reading it.  Now granted the ratings and the review fluctuated throughout...but still.  

The premise, the freaks, the magic, the creepiness, the circus, the writing, our MC's...it's all so brilliantly done.

Now...if I could only...

*insert gif of Robin Williams from Dead Poets Society saying "rip, gentleman, rip"

I know...I know...if you've followed my updates I am clearly...

But damn.  The scene midway through this book for me was rushed and not in keeping with the rest of the book at all...who even were these two guys???  but I digress...

*reinsert gif of Robin Williams from Dead Poets Society saying "rip, gentleman, rip" 

And so while of late, I have harped upon the lengths of books pushing the 600 page mark as clearly needing an editor...this one could also have taken some advise.  IT NEEDED MORE!  At roughly 250 pages, this is one I would have easily wanted another 100 pages.  So what's missing??

  • Firstly...Character development of our freaks for one.  I would love more back story on these characters, especially our MC, Jesse.  
  • Secondly...Relationship building.  I felt I missed out on some key scenes between our two MCs and desperately want to search the cutting room floor for more.  This book lacked in sexual tension and buildup...which had this held out until later in the book...wow...I clearly think my kindle would have burst into flames from the heat on the screen, as it was already smoking hot.  *stares off in distance longingly*


Oh yeah...where was I???

Biggest surprise of the book for me...the Devil...

I see there is a shortie by Cornelia that includes our infamous devil...so this just got bumped up on the list. *rubs hands together*

Overall...this one is definitely worth the price of admission!

Release day BR with Momo, Marco and Marte

Oh and if ole Magic Marco can make these gifs appear that I can't seem to find, that would be oh so lovely.  ;)

And yes...ole Magic Marco came through.  

Status Updates:

1% done with Circus of the Damned: Please be good!

7% done with Circus of the Damned: So far so good. I think I'm gonna like this magician.

13% done with Circus of the Damned: He wasn’t sure what he expected from a circus, but it wasn’t this silent parade of ruined, faded wagons. He’d expected color, lights, music, and dancing performers. This was eerie.

19% done with Circus of the Damned: “From Hell, are you now?” Gilbert snorted. “So you’re telling me, what, that you’re the devil?”
“A devil. Hell is pretty big and with a thriving population, I should add,” the man specified.

21% done with Circus of the Damned: Quick little pinpricks began running up Gilbert’s leg, and he lowered his gaze to see that the silver spider from the silver cane knob was now crawling over him, sticking its metallic legs into the fabric of his clothes hard enough to bite into his flesh.

30% done with Circus of the Damned: Wow...that "clause" regarding the replacement of a circus member is quite the motivation.

34% done with Circus of the Damned: Maybe it wasn't shield at all, but a cage.

37% done with Circus of the Damned: “Trust me. Soon you’ll be grateful to be in a place where you don’t need to hide who you are. And at the end of the day, other freaks are the only ones who will ever look out for you. Don’t you forget that.”

40% done with Circus of the Damned: two centuries????

41% done with Circus of the Damned: “A silver dancing spider. The devil wants something that you want. You want something that belongs to the devil. You want what the devil owns, and he will come, soon, to try to take it away. The devil in love. And you— Are you willing to fight for what your own heart desires?”
This certainly complicates matters.

42% done with Circus of the Damned: “Beware the purple cloud,” she said. “It’s close. And it’s coming for you.”

44% done with Circus of the Damned: So yes...Clowns are creepy...but dolls and puppets are right up there. GAAWH!

55% done with Circus of the Damned: So I am approaching 57% and really feel nothing for these two. Kinda sad about that. I expected some sexual tension or something...I sure hope I get excited over these two. ;/

60% done with Circus of the Damned: Is this not a magician and a flame thrower??? WTF? This could have been any two random guys, as hot as that scene (was not). *pouts*

75% done with Circus of the Damned: So torn over how I am feeling about these two...hmmmm

76% done with Circus of the Damned: Then, the birds came.

83% done with Circus of the Damned: Holy Hell...can we just forget that the scene at 58% even happened...this was HAWT!!!

93% done with Circus of the Damned: The desperate screams of Reuben’s men were quickly cut off as the roaches devoured the flesh off their bodies.

Damn! I want so badly to give this 5 stars but that damn stumbling block at 58% will prevent it. :(