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Hot Head

Hot Head - Damon Suede So it was nearly a year ago when this cover grabbed me for the first time. At the time I was not sure what I expected...well, yeah I knew what I expected (I mean look at that cover) but what I got was so much more.

This book is easily one of my favorite friends to lovers stories and while typically I hate a single POV book, this one worked perfectly. There's hot sex but honestly it is not over the top and what we do get is just so fantastic and raw that you just want more. Throw in some real emotional scenes, including ones from 9/11 that bring me to tears, and I am a mess.

In addition to the emotion are some fantastic scenes filled with humor and witty dialog. I also loved that one of the characters who you want to believe is just a pervy asshole is just the perfect "gentle pervert" instead. Love for this character.

But I mean seriously...what's not to love about these guys?


And Griff...while this hottie does not have red hair, he is the only picture I have in my head of this beautiful man (and quite possibly my favorite picture ever).

This go around I added the audio, read by Charlie David. Overall it also lands around a 4.5 for me. My only criticism was the voice of Dante which at times irritated me slightly...but other than that I cannot complain a bit. Phew...I will definitely check out more from him.

Highly recommended as a first read, reread, audio or both...Hell, read it 10 times...it will not get old. :)

First read in June/July 2014