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151 Days

151 Days - John  Goode This is such a difficult book to write a review for. How can I possibly capture all the greatness of this book in such a short review? And the truth is, I can't. John Goode has written an absolutely breathtaking series so full of love and truth that I will be forever changed. I am not sure that too many days will go by when I do not think...

"What would Kyle do?"


I have to say though that this book's format was about the death of me, and certainly not in the way you think. This go around we get many new points of view and perspectives that left me so emotionally drained. Having to sit this book down for even an hour to see to my family or my job was gut wrenching...so do yourself a favor, if you can, and try for uninterrupted reading on this one and save yourself the stress induced stomach ache!

Getting these new points of view made me realize even more just how our actions and our words impact others around us, even if we don't realize it. In the end no one really knows what another person is thinking, feeling or how they truly feel about themselves, much less another person. We all make mistakes and have regrets but in the end we need to remember to love, accept and forgive each other. I felt for every single character, even those I may not have liked early on in this series. I have to say though, that I was thankful not to get inside Mr. Raymond's head...I could not have taken that and believe neither could our Author. But each and every other one provided such insight of actions and situations that I never saw coming.

I have so many beautiful passages that picking one is just not possible. While we say goodbye to Brad and Kyle in Foster, I look forward to future Tales of their love and devotion to each other. They may be gone from Foster, but they certainly left an impact.