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Puckish - Wart Hill Need to gather some thoughts but ultimately I just wanted more. :)

Thoughts processed and ready…

First let me say that the author is a Goodreads friend, so I was captivated first by the postings and comments on his most recent accomplishment. I am not a writer so honestly for anyone to write something and then have the courage to share it with the world takes guts.

As a reader, I found this “Love Landscapes” event quite intriguing.

Overall, the biggest complaint I have was the length. My guess is that the “event” potentially had a word limit?? So therefore, I would like to see some expansion on the story, in lieu of a continuation. The journey “down the rabbit hole” was entertaining to say the least and I found the literary ties to “Alice in Wonderland” and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” quite clever. Obviously from the first few pages, the attraction of our 2 male leads was positive…however, Japanese Jew was not a look I had envisioned. (I let that one slide and substituted by own Hiddles vision, LOL.) Some of the initial conversations got confusing for me honestly, and I found myself having to reread a few paragraphs and phrases. The line “You haven’t learned to miss.” I am still not sure I understand that and not sure our Minoru ever did either… but he was a little distracted.

I enjoyed the overall journey our characters went on and the ending chapter was the high note for me.…but ultimately I needed some blanks filled in along the way and I would have liked a little more sexual tension and build up between Minoru and Charys. The scenes with Bricne also needed further development…those felt way rushed to me.

Definitely worth the read. Congrats Wart! Will look forward to more. <3<br/>