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Try - Ella Frank

Turns out this was my 7th read and Wow. After having now read through book 5 in this series, I can honestly say that this book has reached a new high for me. Now a 6 star favorite I'm even more in love with them, if that's even possible. 




Read #5 and 6 - Comfort reads, no additional comments. 


Read #4 - So this is the first reread I have done since reading Trust and completing this series...and WOW...it just gets better and better. Knowing how Tate and Logan are at the end of this series and seeing once again how their connection began...it's just amazing. I am not sure I could ever tire of reading this. Oh and this officially made it to 5 stars for me now. :D


Read #3 - Just gets better and better.

“I’ve never wanted something more. But with you, I can’t seem to stop myself. I want to look at you and know that you’re mine, and that terrifies me.”
Tate’s fingers wrapped around his own as he brought their arms in close to his sides, and then Tate asked again, “Why?”
Logan found Tate’s eyes and finally acknowledged, “Because I think I could love someone like you.”


Status Updates (Read #2):

On page 7 of 353 of Try: A city this large provided too many choices, and until the moment his cock only got hard for one person, he planned to use it to its full potential.
Logan (pre Tate)

On page 21 of 353 of Try: "It’s okay,” Logan assured, dropping the heavy sarcasm. He gave a relaxed smile. “I’m only inappropriate when I’m sober.”
“So, I just have to get you drunk to shut your mouth?” As soon as he’d said the words, he knew they were the wrong ones, considering the current conversation.
“Well, that’s definitely one way, but I can think of a more preferable one, not to mention more pleasurable."

Logan is a piece of damn work.

On page 35 of 353 of Try: On a lighter note...
“That’s fine. I’m not hungry for food.”

On page 37 of 353 of Try: When a small hand clutched his thigh, Logan was pulled back into reality, and his eyes slid open. That was also the moment they locked on to the man standing at the entrance of the dimly lit hall, who was staring at what was going on with an intense focus that Logan had never seen.

On page 53 of 353 of Try: Without even thinking, Tate raised his hands and shoved hard against Logan’s shoulders.
"You get to do that once. Unless the next time you shove me violently, it’s to fuck me against a wall, you got it?”

o_O WOW!

On page 63 of 353 of Try: “I feel great because you are even better than I first fucking thought. And I love being right.” - Logan

On page 87 of 353 of Try: ...and before he knew it, Tate was asking, “So, are you turned-on now?”
“Are you asking me if I’m hard right now?”
“Then yes, I am very turned-on right now.” He paused. “Are you?”
Logan smiled into the darkness. “That was the question.”
“Yes, I’m turned-on. I’ve been hard since you picked up the phone.”


On page 104 of 353 of Try: "You sure you're ready for me to open the door, Tate?"

On page 147 of 353 of Try: "Commando? You came to see me fucking commando?"

On page 200 of 353 of Try: “I don’t expect you to announce this to everyone. Hell, I don’t even want that. But if you ever pull away from my hand again, like I have the fucking plague, don’t be surprised by my reaction.”
Catching his breath, Tate dared to ask, “Which will be?”
“Depending on my mood? Either a quick lesson on how much you like my hands or my back as I walk the fuck away.”

On page 256 of 353 of Try: "You know what I'd really love to do?"
"No, what?"
"Your bartender."
"Uh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize you two..."
"Are together?..."Well, we are. So go hit on someone else. He's mine. I found him first."

I love possessive Logan.

On page 283 of 353 of Try: "Every time we do this, it convinces me that I'm exactly where I need to be." -Tate

On page 283 of 353 of Try: "I want to look at you, and know that you're mine, and that terrifies me." -Logan

On page 329 of 353 of Try: "You've changed me, and you don't even realize it. Just being with you, near you? It makes me want to be a better person. You make me want to take a risk." -Logan

Status Updates (Read #3):

1% done with Try:

3% done with Try: Tate’s eyes moved from the highball glass to the blue ones peering back at him from behind narrow, black hipster glasses. This guy screamed sophistication, from his styled black hair, slickly parted to the left, to the perfect amount of stubble. He clearly took his image seriously.


20% done with Try: “Proud of yourself?”
“No.” Tate wouldn’t dare say that he kind of was. “Why would I be?”
“Because I can’t remember the last time a straight guy bit me into silence.”

26% done with Try: "A sheet is all that I am wearing."

59% done with Try: "How did that happen?” he asked again, truly mystified.
Logan let him go, chuckling as he made his way to the door where he unlocked it and looked back at him. That was when Logan told him the one thing that Tate knew was the absolute truth. “You met me.”

71% done with Try: "You know what I would really love to do?"
"No, what?"
"Your bartender."

74% done with Try: “So…what’s your truth, Logan?”
Logan stared at him so intently that Tate wondered what was going on inside his head before he replied, “I think you are."

79% done with Try: Logan must have just stepped out of the shower because the light covering of hair on his chest glistened as he stood with his hand up on the open door. Tate’s gaze trailed down the hair of Logan’s chest and across his rippling abs until it narrowed and then disappeared behind the bright white towel secured around his hips.

82% done with Try: Tate turned toward him, and Logan made sure he was staring right back with a neutral expression. When Tate’s fingers parted slightly and entwined with his own, as they had last night, Logan couldn’t help the way his heartbeat nearly flew out of his chest. Tate winked at him and went back to facing the front, and Logan found it almost laughable that he was the one standing there with a shocked look on his face.

93% done with Try: Logan rolled over onto his side and looked down at Tate’s face. His left arm was up behind his pillow, and as Logan stared into his eyes, he knew that this was the moment they’d been building up to. This was what he’d been looking for—the one thing that would make him stop trying—and he was here, lying beside him.

100% done with Try: Finished

Status Updates (Read #4):

1% done with Try: Been too long. ❤️❤️❤️

4% done with Try: Logan sees Tate

8% done with Try: "I'd like to try you."-Logan

Tate, the hot bartender

19% done with Try: The Conference Room

"Just do it, Try"

23% done with Try: “I thought you’d be asleep, and I could leave a message.”

28% done with Try: "Done looking?"

Well...no, no I'm not...oh wait...you're not talking to me. :/

42% done with Try: “Stop thinking so much. Tell me, what do you want?” Logan held his breath as he waited for Tate’s frank response.
"You. Everything else aside, I still want you.”


46% done with Try: "You want me too bad.”
As the last word slipped past his lips, Tate’s mouth was crushed in a fierce kiss that had his eyes sliding closed and his breath coming fast. Groaning into the parted mouth above his, Tate dug his fingers into Logan’s ass and moved up onto his toes to get closer to the man currently obliterating every thought he had.

Hot. Hot. Hot.

53% done with Try: Tate's package he wants to unwrap...

I'm with ya Tate. *drools*

74% done with Try: “You make me want things that I’d forgotten I wanted.”

84% done with Try: Diana...

I hate you I hate you I hate you. Now GO!