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Scandal - Navessa Allen *Warning: This book contains explicit sex, including M/F, M/M, and M/M/F scenarios, as well as some BDSM elements.*

Buddy read with most of my GR friends!

Wow...let me first say that this was not at all what I expected. When a fellow GR friend posts "remember when I took some time off to write a smutty romance?" I mean how can you not read it?

First off...While I had read M/F and M/M romances before, this was my first M/F/M and really my first with any BDSM elements, so I was not sure how this was going to go over. This love story, however, was so well done (can I say classy smut?) that I was rooting for this threesome the entire time. I mean how can a relationship like this work without someone feeling like a third wheel and jealousy coming into play...well somehow Navessa made this work, and with flying colors that left me rooting for a long standing union.

The men...well they are all sorts of hot...take a look at any status update from any reader of this book and you will find that we all agree on that point. As for which hot male is hotter..now there you have readers going to the mat. :D We all had our preferences and I think we were all more than satisfied...well almost...I have to believe we may see more of one character in book 2.

The "Scandal" itself was intriguing and left me guessing the entire time, not trusting anyone...which for me means success.

Overall a most enjoyable group read and a book I will look forward to paying for and owning in the near future (I hope). Now bring on Book 2...I have a teaser to read...but gah...do I want to be teased already...well...yes.